The brain may be able to repair itself — with help

Through treating everything from strokes to car accident traumas, neurosurgeon Jocelyne Bloch knows the brain’s inability to repair itself all too well. But now, she suggests, she and her colleagues may have found the key to neural repair: Doublecortin-positive cells. Similar to stem cells, they are extremely adaptable and, when extracted from a brain, cultured and then re-injected in a lesioned area of the same brain, they can help repair and rebuild it. “With a little help,” Bloch says, “the brain may be able to help itself.”

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The brain is a complex system made up of three vital layers.

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And even just one dysfunctional layer can cause fear, frustration, and heartache.
But helping clients gain a deeper understanding into how the brain works can be the key that unlocks progress.

That’s why we created this infographic to for you to share with your clients.

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