Looking for fun ideas to homeschool your kids or grandkids during lockdown? We have an idea for you!

The deadline for the ISF & UNESCO global storytelling competition has been extended to 31 May. And it’s now open to ALL 12- to 18-year-olds worldwide!

Write 250 to 500 words (in English or French) on the theme: «Once upon a time in my future…»

We need you to help spread the word! Share this post with your children, grandchildren, their friends, and teachers.

And remember the winners will have their stories published in a special hardcover edition as well as attend a ceremony at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

With so much of the world in lockdown, what better time to reflect on what might be?

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Esta aldea en el Sahara alberga miles de textos antiguos en bibliotecas del desierto

Ubicada en el Sahara, la aldea medieval de Chinguetti en Mauritania es una joya increíble de la cultura bereber. Este poblado desértico, que alguna vez fue un sitio clave de las rutas comerciales y de peregrinaje, contiene maravillosos ejemplares de  arquitectura sahariana. Chinguetti también es un importante centro de aprendizaje gracias a sus bibliotecas del desierto, que albergan textos científicos y religiosos que datan de la Edad Media.

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UNESCO and Idries Shah Foundation launch “World Tales” Short Story Competition

Climate change, human rights violations, conflicts, racism and discrimination are among many threats to our present and future. In the face of adversity, creative young minds need to be encouraged to find innovative solutions.

With the aim to foster imagination, resourcefulness and ingenuity, UNESCO and the Idries Shah Foundation (ISF) launch the World Tales Short Story Competition. Young teenagers from all over the globe are invited to write about challenges of today and tomorrow in the format of a short story, and share their perspectives.

The theme of this 2020 First Edition is “Once upon a time in my future”.

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