Cuando se le pidió al profeta Muhammad que maldijese a los infieles, él contestó, según la tradición acreditada: “Yo no fui enviado para esto, sino que fui enviado como una misericordia para la humanidad”. Además dijo: “Es indigno herir la reputación de la gente; y es indigno maldecir a cualquiera; y es indigno abusar de cualquiera; y es indigno para los creyentes el hablar en vano.”

An Elephant in the Dark


The original review of Idries Shah’s The Sufis, written by Nobel Prize winning author Doris Lessing¹.

By Doris Lessing

Citizens of a certain town, mad with curiosity, sneaked a preview of a beast strange to them, an elephant. For safety’s sake it was kept in the dark, and they had to rely on their sense of touch. One, finding its trunk, said it was a hosepipe. Another, that it was a fan: he had touched its ear. A third said it was a kind of pillar, while a fourth reported it must be a living throne. Each was sure he was right; yet none had formed a complete picture; and of the part he had felt, could only talk in terms of things he knew.

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