Still Not Happy? Why Embracing Painful Emotions Is The First Step To A Happier Life







“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be,” wrote Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s face it, if happiness was as achievable as simply deciding to be happy, there’d be a whole lot more happy people. Yet not only is happiness not something we can «just choose,» when we put pressure on ourselves to feel happy, it can inadvertently set us on a war path with ourselves. Which is why, adopting a mindset that embraces the «not so happy» emotions we can rise up within us is essential to living a happier life.

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Resilience is the new happiness






Happiness is a serious business. Inspired by the positive psychology movement, corporations hold positions for “chief fun officers” and esteemed institutions like Stanford and Yale offer classes on happiness. But this infatuation with good times is only creating confusion about what it means to succeed, and what skills we need to thrive.

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Proof that lying can be GOOD for you (honest!): How fibbing can improve your career, relationships and even your health






Ian Leslie reveals in his new book that lying is as innate to us as communication – and just as important to our survival.

We all know, of course, that liars are always other people. Lovers who have fallen out accuse one another of deceit; voters declare all politicians liars; the religious charge the godless with hating the truth, while atheists accuse churchgoers of perpetuating the biggest lie of all.

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