‘I have never refused to make anyone a disciple. But most people are in reality, if not in appearance, incapable of benefit¬ing from the phase of discipleship, so that they exclude them¬selves in fact from its operation.
‘Discipleship is a matter of method, not potentiality. All mankind may have the makings of a higher man. Very few have learned how to approach the problem.
‘Being a disciple is being able to learn, not wanting to learn alone. Nobody knows how to learn as a natural capacity – he must be given the ability.
‘Desire to learn is not the basis for learning, but sincerity is. The basis of sincerity is straightforwardness and a liking for balance.
‘To want to do more than you are able, and not to accept that you are not to be answered at certain times, that is failure in discipleship.’
The Dermis Probe

Success in Discipleship