Positive Psychology: Harnessing the power of happiness, mindfulness, and personal strength

Discover the simple techniques to help experience deeper joy, cheerful contentment, and long-term happiness

It’s often said that happiness is a choice: You can either choose to be happy or choose to be sad, stressed, or anxious.

But simply choosing happiness doesn’t always make it so. Many times, you can’t simply force a smile and make believe that everything is coming up roses.

Thankfully, there are much more effective ways, based squarely on research-proven Positive Psychology strategies and concrete techniques that can help you deal effectively with life’s challenges and attain long-term happiness.

That’s why the health experts at Harvard Medical School have created the all-new Positive Psychology Course — the exclusive interactive resource that helps you apply the same tools that are widely used by mental health professionals to help treat a variety of condition, from stress, anxiety and anger to coping with grief and loss.

Step-by-step, Harvard’s Positive Psychology Course will give you strategies to build happier, more positive lifestyle. Enroll today and you’ll discover how to…

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Freud e Lacan eram dois charlatões, diz professor de psicologia após décadas de pesquisa…






Freud nem sempre explica tudo. Pelo menos é o que defende o professor emérito de psicologia Jacques Van Rillaer, da universidade de Louvain, na Bélgica, que acaba de lançar o livro “Freud & Lacan, des charlatans? Faits et legendes de la psychanalise” (Freud & Lacan eram charlatões? Fatos e lendas da psicanálise, em tradução livre).

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A Sleep Scientist on the Vicious Cycle of Insomnia and Sleeping Pills

Maybe you’re one of the estimated 50 to 70 million Americans who suffer from sleep disorders, including insomnia; maybe you’re also among the 4 percent of American adults who rely on prescription medication in order to fall asleep. If so, Matt Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, has a bit of bad news for you.

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