Why Vitamin K Is the Next Vitamin D

Over the past few years, vitamin D has been touted as a major player in overall health and wellness. Researchers have connected low vitamin D status to several chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cognitive disorders, cancer, obesity, and more. Due to a variety of factors, including increased time spent indoors and more sunscreen use, the natural synthesis of vitamin D is reduced for most people, leading to a higher risk of deficiency or insufficiency. With such compelling research continually presented, the medical community quickly jumped on board, making it more common to screen for vitamin D status as part of preventative health measures and advising patients to supplement with vitamin D. From what I have been reading, the next vitamin to receive similar attention will be vitamin K.

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Exercising for just an hour a week lowers risk of diabetes


  • Increasing the amount or intensity of weight training did not lower risk further
  • Resistance exercise combined with aerobic exercise saw greatest benefit
  • Whether you do cardio or not, weight training is recommended, say experts
  • Two 30-minute sessions per week of resistance exercise has the best effect
  • 1 in 4 UK adults has diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity combined 
  • This was the first study to look at resistance exercise and metabolic syndrome


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Why a vegetarian diet can help you lose more weight than just cutting calories

Eating more greens, grains, legumes, fruits, and nuts can rev your metabolism, melt fat around your muscles, and help you drop more pounds.

We’ll bet that, like a lot of guys, you count yourself among the Fred Flintstones of the world: a carnivorous caveman who’d rather gnaw on a T-bone than spear lettuce leaves. Vegetarianism is foreign to you—unappealing and nonsensical for your muscle-building aspirations.

But guess what? You can build just as much lean muscle on plants. And you won’t starve either: Vegetarian staples like beans and peas are more filling than meat.


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Long Naps, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness May Increase Risk For Metabolic Syndrome


Who doesn’t love naps? Besides kindergarteners and workaholics, but this is not about them. Not only are naps blissful, they are also perfect when you need a boost in alertness and energy. In addition to recharging your body and mind, naps can help you reduce stress, retain information and ease frustration. But new research presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 65th Annual Scientific Session shows that you can have too much of a good thing, even naps. Leer Más