The world today is going through a phenomenal metamorphosis that is affecting all. Be it climate change or economic downturns, political shifts or the rising discontent in certain parts of the world, everyone is affected. We need to come together as one human race rather than drifting apart. We should leverage any and all kinds of knowledge and wisdom to augment the quality of our lives. I find myself straddling two worlds all the time – science and spirituality, east and west, masculinity and femininity – yin and yang. Despite the dichotomy, coexistence is not a choice. It’s a necessity.

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How to Live a Life With Purpose

If you want to live a life with purpose, a life that feels right, you must spend time being quiet, being still – listening to yourself, trusting yourself, being honest with yourself, so that you may discover the gifts you were born with. As the Platonic doctrine of recollection asserts we do not come here to learn, but rather to remember the comprehensive knowledge we came bundled with at birth. Living a life that feels right is contingent on our discovery of that knowledge. And the giving away of those gifts is how you live a life with purpose.

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Un día un sabio maestro recibió la visita de un joven que se dirigió a él para pedirle consejo:

— Vengo, maestro, porque me siento tan poca cosa que no tengo fuerzas para hacer nada. Me dicen que no sirvo, que no hago nada bien, que soy torpe y bastante tonto. ¿Cómo puedo mejorar? ¿Qué puedo hacer para que me valoren más?

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Sabia parábola acerca de la seguridad en sí mismo.

Wisdom is a matter of both heart and mind, research finds

The fluctuations of your heartbeat may affect your wisdom, according to new research from the University of Waterloo.

The study suggests that heart rate variation and thinking process work together to enable wise reasoning about complex social issues. The work by Igor Grossmann, professor of psychology at Waterloo, and colleagues based at the Australian Catholic University, appears in the online journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. Leer Más