Fighting All the Time as a Couple Is Linked to Some Super-Serious Health Problems


You’re going to disagree with your significant other—it’s just a fact of life. But if that arguing happens on the reg, it could lead to some major long-term health problems. An ongoing relationship study with nearly 80 married couples found the way you argue matters: Couples who frequently got into angry spats were more likely to have heart problems, such as high blood pressure and chest pain, while people who gave the cold shoulder all the time had a higher chance of developing neck and back pain. Leer Más

It’s not me, it really is you

Attractive and smart but unlucky in love? New research suggests you might not have luck to blame but rather your own negative traits.

Researchers found that when evaluating potential mates, people give more weight to negative qualities than to positive ones. That is, even if someone has a number of positive qualities, one or two negative qualities can be enough for others to avoid pursuing romantic relationships with them. Leer Más