E se ensinarmos as meninas a serem corajosas, em vez de perfeitas?







As meninas que hoje ocupam parques e salas de aula são as mulheres de amanhã. Mas antes disso, são as meninas de hoje, e nada justifica querermos acelerar a sua infância para que no futuro sejam mulheres perfeitas. Preparadas para ser mães, preparadas para tomar conta da casa, preparadas para se mover no mundo, preparadas para serem as melhores na sua profissão, preparadas para administrar suas emoções, preparadas para mastigar a frustração e não engasgar… Se a sua cabeça já dói com tantas exigências, imagine a delas.

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Early Sexualization Fears: How Young Girls And Their Parents Can Protect Innocence

Young girls are being inundated by sexualizing messages reinforced through television, movies, and the omnipresent force of social media platforms. Protecting children, especially girls who are overtly sexualized from childhood, can be difficult when teens and preteens are naturally drawn toward the glamour of fitting in with other kids. But according to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are ways to help kids find a healthy social standing and maintain personal identity while not having to sacrifice dignity.

Girls are repeatedly taught what they should look like, which distracts them from focusing on more important things like school and extracurricular activities. The APA recommends girls should do what makes them feel comfortable, including wearing clothing that makes them feel at ease. If clothes take too much time to check and readjust, they’ll end up making them less confident in the end.

Parents can lead by example by not focusing on clothing and what their daughters look like. Girls who hyperfocus on their appearance may believe there’s more worth in how sexy they look as opposed to how smart or accomplished they are.

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