El Efecto Telómero: un enfoque revolucionario para vivir más sanos y retrasar el envejecimiento

El Efecto Telómero: un enfoque revolucionario para vivir más sanos y retrasar el envejecimiento, según la Premio Nobel Elizabeth Blackburn

El pasado mes de enero de 2017, la premio Nobel de Medicina (2009) Elizabeth Blackburn publicó junto a Elissa Epel el bestseller The Telomere Effect (traducido al español como La Solución de los Telómeros), una fascinante obra que nos muestra cómo podemos intervenir voluntariamente en nuestra salud, nuestro bienestar e incluso nuestra longevidad.

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The Pricey New World of Meditation

Upscale meditation studios are bringing mindfulness to the masses. Are they also diluting the practice?

Before you meditate, you must surrender your iPhone. At least that’s what a couple of serene young women tell me when I walk into Unplug Meditation, an airy Los Angeles studio with inspirational slogans on the walls. (Keep Going! Live the Life You Love!)

I’m here for a 45-minute class called Inner Peace, which promises to teach me the basics of deep mindfulness, making me calmer, more productive, more focused, and more joyful. After passing through the gift shop, which peddles crystals, aromatherapy eye pillows, and Bad Spirit Remover candles, I settle into a black faux-leather floor seat. Violet lights beam down on a couple of dozen people, from spandexed millennials to graying businessmen. It’s like a yoga studio without the yoga.

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The Mind-Body Benefits Of Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation can be broken into a number of different styles: mindfulness, Zen, self-induced transcendence, Vipassana, Yoga Nidra, and Kundalini, just to name a few. Chopra meditation is also a wonderful resource.

Just like eating a hamburger does different things to your body than drinking a chia seed smoothie, different styles of meditation light up different parts of the brain and require different degrees of effort and time. They can also have varying degrees of effectiveness on your performance off the proverbial cushion. So, which style is best for you? Let’s explore two popular styles:

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