The Danger in Fake Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing

Today’s spiritual (and sometimes psychology) world feels fake to me. Lots of pretty blond yogis talking about positive vibes, about not allowing negative energy or thoughts to get to you, about surrounding yourself with only supportive positive people.

Unless you live in a bubble on Mars, this is not only not realistic, but this is also a recipe for staying emotionally and psychically dwarfed, never growing or truly learning who you are.

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Meditation Affects Brain Networks Differently in Long-Term Meditators and Novices







Mental training such as mindfulness meditation – an accepting awareness of the present moment – has been shown to alter networks in the brain and improve emotional and physical well-being. But researchers are still discovering how such practices change the brain and what differences exist between people who meditate regularly and those who do not.

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Why mindful breathing keeps your brain healthy and young









Yogis, non-yogis, long-term meditators, and short-term ‘dabblers’ alike will all agree that meditation improves focus. But, until now, no studies had shown how breathing influences attention in the brain. New research explores the neurophysiological effects of controlled breathing.

Lately, more and more studies have confirmed that yoga and mindfulness benefit the brain as much as the body.

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El Efecto Telómero: un enfoque revolucionario para vivir más sanos y retrasar el envejecimiento

El Efecto Telómero: un enfoque revolucionario para vivir más sanos y retrasar el envejecimiento, según la Premio Nobel Elizabeth Blackburn

El pasado mes de enero de 2017, la premio Nobel de Medicina (2009) Elizabeth Blackburn publicó junto a Elissa Epel el bestseller The Telomere Effect (traducido al español como La Solución de los Telómeros), una fascinante obra que nos muestra cómo podemos intervenir voluntariamente en nuestra salud, nuestro bienestar e incluso nuestra longevidad.

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