“Treatment of the Soul, Healing of the Heart”- Muslim Physicians and their Important Contribution to Mental Health










The Ancient Greeks defined mental disorders as “being possessed and punished by the Gods for wrongdoing and can only be cured by prayer”. Greek physicians and philosophers wrote their theories about the treatment of some mental disorders without practicing. In Judeo-Christian societies, mental illness was often seen as “a divine punishment” and “a divine gift”. Some mental disorders were well known in Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Persia, India and China. With the advent of Islam, a revolution emerged in all scientific fields, including psychology, which will later strongly influence the Western modern psychology.

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Doctors find brain activity 10 minutes AFTER ‘death’: ‘Unexplained’ discovery reveals patient’s brain waves continued as if in a deep sleep


Muchos Sufi en oriente piden a sus amigos que cuando ellos mueran le digan en el oido “lah ilaha ilah allah” que es para que recuerden irse a la unidad con lo divino directamente … piden esto por qué hay una antigua tradición que dice que continuamos a percibir y a oír hasta media hora después del perecer de las otras funciones del cuerpo ..

Single delta wave bursts, often associated with deep sleep, were recorded ten minutes after a patient was declared clinically ‘dead’

  • Doctors studied brain activity of patients after they were clinically dead
  • In one case deep sleep brain waves persisted after the heart had stopped 
  • Doctors described the case as ‘extraordinary’ and ‘unexplained’   

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Could learning the Iceman’s mind tricks make us all immune to arthritis? The ‘human miracles’ whose bodies remain a mystery to doctors


A man who swims naked in Arctic seas, a girl born with her heart on the outside of her chest, a boy with unbreakable bones.

Wim Hof (pictured), from Sittard in the Netherlands, claims his ability to withstand freezing conditions without developing so much as a sniffle is down to ‘meditation and breathing techniques’

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