Acupuncture Effective in Treating Pain and Depression

Acupuncture can boost the effectiveness of medical care and lessen the severity of chronic pain and depression, according to a new study led by British researchers.

In a meta-analysis (a study of studies) of 29 clinical trials involving nearly 18,000 patients with chronic neck, lower back, knee or headache pain, researchers found that acupuncture significantly reduced the severity of pain when combined with standard medical care such as anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Can traditional Chinese medicine offer treatments for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?


A new study of classical Chinese medical texts identifies references to age-related memory impairment similar to modern-day Alzheimer’s disease, and to several plant-based ingredients used centuries ago – and still in use today – to treat memory impairment. Experimental studies of five of these traditional Chinese medicines suggest that they have biological activity relevant to Alzheimer’s disease, according to an article in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The article is available free on The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine website until October 21, 2016. Leer Más