The ‘X17’ particle: Scientists may have discovered the fifth force of nature

A new paper suggests that the mysterious X17 subatomic particle is indicative of a fifth force of nature.

Physicists have long known of four fundamental forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. 

Now, they might have evidence of a fifth force. 

The discovery of a fifth force of nature could help explain the mystery of dark matter, which is proposed to make up around 85 percent of the universe’s mass. It could also pave the way for a unified fifth force theory, one that joins together electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces as “manifestations of one grander, more fundamental force,” as theoretical physicist Jonathan Feng put it in 2016.

The new findings build upon a study published in 2016 that offered the first hint of a fifth force.

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Scientists Demonstrate “Liquid Light” at Room Temperature for the First Time

Researchers from Italy and Canada have made liquid light at room temperatures for the first time. The work paves the way for studying quantum hydrodynamics further and for future applications of this new type of matter in electronics devices.


Thanks to technological advances, scientists now have various ways of manipulating matter. Often times, these result in discovering new types of matter that posses unique properties — like the famous metallic hydrogen and the bizarre time crystal. The discovery of such materials leads to a wide range of potential applications in electronics. One of these is the so-called “liquid light,” a strange matter which researchers from the CNR NANOTECH Institute of Nanotechnology in Italy and the Polytechnique Montréal in Canada recently formed at room temperature for the first time.

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Físicos dizem ter evidências da ‘quinta força elemental’ da natureza

Pesquisadores na Hungria encontraram evidências da existência de uma quinta partícula fundamental, um bóson, que pode nos ajudar a explicar mistérios do universo como a matéria escura


Nosso universo é regido por quatro forças elementais: eletromagnetismo, gravidade e as forças nucleares forte e fraca. Elas são associadas a partículas fundamentais, os bósons: fótons para o eletromagnetismo, gravitons (ainda não detectados) para a gravidade, gluons para a força nuclear forte e W e Z para a força nuclear fraca.

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