The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Modern World, by Iain McGilchrist










First published in 2009, The Master and his Emissary is a landmark in studies on the two hemispheres of the brain, and how their different modes of interacting with reality have shaped the world we live in. Iain McGilchrist is a psychiatrist and academic and has been both a practising consultant and a professor of English literature at Oxford University. His comprehensive grasp of arts and science is one of the keys to the book’s success, providing not only the clinical research to back up his arguments, but also finding their expression and manifestation in the artistic achievements of the Western world.

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Queridos amigos y amigas de la ISF:









Queridos amigos y amigas de la ISF:

Estamos muy felices de contarles que por primera vez, el contenedor y el contenido ven la luz en español… El libro del libro ya está a la venta en formato impreso, y también como libro electrónico.

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A moment that changed me: my psychiatrist told me I could be one too

While studying medicine, I suffered from mental health problems that required treatment. My doctor told me they needn’t stop me pursuing my dream
Young woman lying on couch, therapist leaning toward her with hands clasped
 ‘With some medication, a lot of tears, and support from my psychiatrist I managed to pass my final examinations.’ Photograph: Alamy

During my years of medical training I was tense and wound up almost all of the time. Then, just before my finals, things got very much worse. I began to draw up a complex revision timetable, which I obsessed over. I was as fearful of failing as I had been with my A-levels, but there was also a terrible sense of unease about what was happening to me, to which I couldn’t put a name.

I convinced myself that the best way to stay in control of my world was to design a kind of map for my mind and contain everything within it by the time the exams arrived. I ruled out lines on sheets of paper to create a chart to govern every waking hour for the next few months. I did not want to acknowledge the obvious parallels with my brother, whose strange behaviour would later be diagnosed as obsessive compulsive disorder.



Ibn Yusuf dijo:
Tanta gente solía venir a verme con libros que habían leído y quería interpretados, o libros que habían escrito y quería opiniones sobre, o libros de otro tipo, que estaba en el final de mi ingenio.
Fui a ver a un doctor que también era sabio. Dije: ” dame un poco de remedio para este problema.”
Me dio otro libro. Este fue para mostrar a los lectores. Dentro de ella sólo contenía una frase, y esto es:
El tiempo perdido en la lectura de esta sentencia podría ser empleado más de forma más rentable de cualquier otra forma. ‘
El Monasterio mágico
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A New Paradigm for Education: What Quantum Physics Tells Us About How We Should Educate Our Kids

Quantum Economics Cover_02.cdr

It may sound too theoretical, but it is a fact that how we educate our kids depends on the prevalent worldview of the educational establishment.  And right now, that worldview is scientific materialism—the idea that everything is reducible to matter and its interactions. Corollary to this view is the Newtonian idea that we are mechanical machines.  Accordingly, for the past 35-40 years, yes that’s how long this worldview has dominated academia; we have developed an educational system that treats human beings as machines. Leer Más