Lo aparente es el puente hacia lo real.

Una vez más, pensadores superficiales y gente excesivamente emocional escogerán algo aparente y decidirán que este es el puente hacia lo real. Solo ciertas partes de lo aparente son tales puentes.

Aprender a saber


Much lip-service is paid to the idea that people should not be envious of others, and many people believe that they are not jealous and that they do not oppose others. In fact the reverse is the case, and much of ordinary life uses envy as its fuel. You may recall the saying that there are three things which every individual considers to be attributable only to others: (1) lack of a sense of humour; (2) bad driving; (3) jealousy. The planning which Sufis do, which is unfamiliar in fact if not in theory in current cultures, is contained in the saying of Dhun’nun the Egyptian, quoted by Khwaja Gharib Nawaz: ‘Sufis are those who have expunged from their minds the human tendencies of envy and enmity.’

Learning How to Learn

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