The Alternative

‘I am a hospitable man,’ said Nasrudin to a group of cronies at the teahouse.
‘Very well, then take us all home to supper,’ said the greediest.
Nasrudin collected the whole crowd and started towards his house with them.
When he was almost there, he said:
‘I’ll go ahead and warn my wife: you just wait here.’
His wife cuffed him when he told her the news. ‘There is no food in the house – turn them away.’
‘I can’t do that, my reputation for hospitality is at stake.’
‘Very well, you go upstairs and I’ll tell them that you are out.’
After nearly an hour the guests became restless and crowded round the door, shouting, ‘Let us in, Nasrudin.’
The Mulla’s wife went out to them.
‘Nasrudin is out.’
‘But we saw him go into the house, and we have been watching the door all the time.’
She was silent.
The Mulla, watching from an upstairs window, was unable to contain himself. Leaning out he shouted: ‘I could have gone out by the back door, couldn’t I?’

The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin:…/the-exploits-of-the…/ 

Al escuchar ruidos extraños en su casa, el Mulá se asustó y se escondió en un armario.
En el curso de su búsqueda, los dos ladrones abrieron la puerta y lo encontraron acurrucado allí.
“¿Por qué te estás escondiendo de nosotros?”, preguntó uno de ellos.
“Me escondo porque me siento avergonzado de que no haya nada en esta casa digno de vuestra atención”.
Las hazañas del incomparable Mulá Nasrudín

Los ladrones