A importância de usar a linguagem afetiva com as crianças







Fale de forma bondosa comigo, sem levantar a voz, mas com a firmeza de quem pode me convencer de tudo o que sou capaz de fazer. Fale comigo com sorrisos mais uma vez, para que eu aprenda rápido que neste mundo manda o amor, e não o medo. Presenteie-me palavras de afeto sempre que puder para que eu possa dominar o quanto antes a linguagem das emoções…

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Nobel Prize winner discusses judgment and intuition


“Most of the time”, said noted psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman to a packed house of students, scholars, and faculty at the Yenching Auditorium (April, 15), “we run at very low effort.”

It was a sobering claim for the heady academic set, but according to Kahneman, no one is immune from the diagnosis. Even those with a high level of intelligence, he said, “don’t check themselves as much as they should.”

The researcher was referring to the human tendency to judge things quickly, to go with the familiar or what looks correct instead of giving a question or a problem sufficient attention, reflection and thought.

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How ‘wi-fi’ connects human brains and explains why people have ‘gut feelings’







Un libro pobre en comparación con toda la investigación que hay en el campo, en especial la misma que hizo Jocobo Grimberg en el area de la”no localidad”… pero un ejemplo interesante de la expansión de conciencia que hay hoy y que cada vez habra mas… Mucho de lo que experimentamos en el Focar esta basado en ciertas leyes que en este articulo y libro lo tocan aun que superficialmente … Es bueno para laicos y amigos que quieren entender algo de lo que hacemos pero no se quieren meter mucho…

Humans brains are interconnected through type of ‘wi-fi’ which allows us to pick up far more information about other people than we are aware of, a leading professor claims.

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How entrepreneurs can harness the science of intuition to make smarter decisions

The unconscious pattern recognition our brain is constantly performing is what leads to breakthrough moments—and you can train yourself to have more of them.

Suzy Bátiz remembers the moment because of the chill she says it put in her body. “I felt with certainty that this was an idea that needed to be born,” she remembers

It happened at a family gathering, her brother-in-law had wondered aloud at the table if there might be some way to trap toilet odor. Most of the other guests had politely ignored the musing, but in a flash Bátiz thought of aromatherapy oils.  It wasn’t the aromas, per se; it was the nature of the oil itself. “Oil floats on water, and I realized it could create a barrier that would trap the odor in,” she explained. “In that moment, I knew I had discovered the answer.”

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