Arabic calligraphy art in the world

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Differences between deep neural networks and human perception







When your mother calls your name, you know it’s her voice—no matter the volume, even over a poor cell phone connection. And when you see her face, you know it’s hers—if she is far away, if the lighting is poor, or if you are on a bad FaceTime call. This robustness to variation is a hallmark of human perception. On the other hand, we are susceptible to illusions: We might fail to distinguish between sounds or images that are, in fact, different. Scientists have explained many of these illusions, but we lack a full understanding of the invariances in our auditory and visual systems.

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Altair Designs and the Abjad System









Altair Designs

Altair Designs represents a type of design that literally changes before your eyes. They are designs that conjure images and patterns in the mind’s-eye of a user making whatever is ‘seen’ unique. Altair designs, then, are not like other coloring books – there are no fixed images to color and they serve to stimulate the visual imagination. Figure Altair, drawing 3, shows an example where all sorts of image can be ‘seen’ including the elephant who is currently ‘standing in the dark!’

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