I’m A Surgeon. Here’s What Happened When I Held My Patient’s Hand And Prayed For Her.







Several years ago, my business hit rock bottom. As a young, traditionally trained surgeon, I was taught the old surgery adage: “To cut is to cure.” Following this mantra early in my practice led me into a deep, dark hole. I had operated on many patients, but several of them were unhappy, and some had suffered complications. In the small town where I practiced, the word began to spread that perhaps I wasn’t a plastic surgeon worth seeing.

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‘Dying well can be fun’: hospital in row after internal memo to staff


A hospital has come under fire after telling staff in an internal newsletter that “dying well can be fun”.

The memo, sent around Epsom and St Helier Hospitals in Surrey, went on to boast that a “Death by Chocolate” themed event laid on in the palliative care department had been “very well received”.

The poorly phrased note, which was leaked by an employee, was part of a staff briefing about Dying Matters Awareness Week, which aimed to promote the concept of living well and planning for dignified death.

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Estrés puede estimular sistema inmunitario

Un estudio vanguardista realizado por un científico de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Stanford ha trazado las trayectorias de células inmunes clave en la respuesta al estrés a corto plazo y ha trazado, en gran detalle, cómo las hormonas que son provocadas por este estrés mejoran la preparación inmune.

El estudio, llevado a cabo en ratas, añade peso a la evidencia de que la preparación inmunológica es aumentada, y no reducida como muchos pueden pensar, por la tan llamada respuesta “pelea-o-huida”.

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