Is Serotonin The Obesity Hormone? Better Brown-Fat Burning Linked To Hormone Blockage


Whenever you feel really happy (like too happy) or even just healthy and content, your brain is releasing the neurotransmitter serotonin. But while this form of serotonin is the most popular, it only makes up five percent of the body’s total supply. The other 95 percent, a new study finds, is busy regulating how well your body burns calories through brown fat. Leer Más


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A boy was walking down the road and a car slowed down beside him to match his pace.  The window slid open and the man inside said “hop in and I’ll give you $10”.  The boy didn’t even acknowledge him; looking straight ahead, he kept walking.  A few minutes later the car again pulled alongside him, the window still open and the man inside said “come on, jump in and I’ll buy you all the chocolate you can eat”.  Still the boy moved resolutely forward, ignoring the offer.  As the boy walked around the next corner he saw the car waiting for him.  The driver called out “alright, get in the car and you can have $10 AND all the chocolate you can eat”.   The boy stopped, turned towards the car and walked up to the door.  “Listen Dad”, he said “you bought the Volvo, you live with the consequences.(1) Leer Más

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You may have heard sex can help you burn about 100 calories a session, but according to a team of researchers from York University in the UK, it could also stop you from overeating postcoitus. The new findings, presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, may provide insight in the appetite-decreasing “love hormone” oxytocin. Leer Más