A neuroanatomia das emoções








Para começar com a descrição da neuroanatomia das emoções, Paul Broca foi responsável por cunhar o termo sistema límbico, usando-o pela primeira vez em 1878. Mas foi só depois, em 1930, que James Papez batizou definitivamente as estruturas envolvidas com o nome de sistema límbico (SL), postulando que o mesmo participa do circuito neural da expressão emocional (Kolb e Whishaw, 2003).

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New Study Reveals Harmful Effects of Dim Light Exposure During Sleep

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  • Exposure to very dim light during sleep — even if it does not noticeably impair your sleep — may affect your brain function and cognition during the day
  • Sleeping under 10 lux light conditions decreased activation in a brain region involved in response inhibition, attentional control and the detection of relevant cues when performing a task the following day
  • Animal research found that nighttime exposure to 5 lux for three weeks in a row produced depression-like symptoms and impaired cognition

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What is the Function of the Hypothalamus?


The hypothalamus is a small area in the center of the brain that has many jobs. It plays an important role in hormone production and helps to stimulate many important processes in the body.

When the hypothalamus is not working properly, it can cause problems in the body leading to many disorders. Though diseases of the hypothalamus are uncommon, it is important to keep it healthy to keep the risk low. Leer Más