Still Not Happy? Why Embracing Painful Emotions Is The First Step To A Happier Life







“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be,” wrote Abraham Lincoln.

Let’s face it, if happiness was as achievable as simply deciding to be happy, there’d be a whole lot more happy people. Yet not only is happiness not something we can “just choose,” when we put pressure on ourselves to feel happy, it can inadvertently set us on a war path with ourselves. Which is why, adopting a mindset that embraces the “not so happy” emotions we can rise up within us is essential to living a happier life.

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The Foods That Make You Happy Are The Ones That Are Both Nutritious & Delicious, Study Says







If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably fallen into the rut of just grabbing whatever’s quick and easy to munch on when you feel hungry, without paying much attention to the nutritional value. But when you’re not eating enough vitamins or getting the nutrients your body needs, new research suggests it can take a serious toll on your mental well-being. See, the foods that make you happy aren’t just the ones that make your mouth water; according to a new study, they’re the ones packed with the good stuff your body really needs, like vitamin D, protein, etc. Of course, there’s room for all of these things in a balanced diet, but it’s worth knowing which foods your body’s truly craving to support your emotional well-being.

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