New Harvard Research: To Be Successful, Chase Your Purpose, Not Your Passion

New studies shows purpose gives you resilience, and that’s what will get you ahead.

«Follow your passion» is one of the most frequently repeated bits of work advice. It’s also one of the most frequently criticized, and for good reason.

Experts suggest that, for most of us, hard work makes us passionate for a field rather than the other way around. We develop passion for what we do over time, rather than starting out with a clear, defined passion for a particular career path.

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5 razões que nos impedem de descobrir verdadeiro sentido na vida, segundo Shelley Prevost




O significado de propósito e sentido de vida aqui está nos moldes dessa afirmação do filósofo dinamarquês Soren Kierkegaard mas também lembra, talvez ainda mais, a máxima do clássico indiano Bhagavad Gita (cap III, v.35), que diz que “Mais vale cumprir o próprio dharma, ainda que de forma imperfeita, do que cumprir de maneira perfeita o dever de outrem”.

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