Simon El’evich Shnol is a biophysicist

Simon El’evich Shnol is a biophysicist, and a historian of Soviet science.

He is a professor at Physics Department of Moscow State University and a member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. His fields of interest are the oscillatory processes in biology, the theory of evolution, chronobiology, and the history of science. He has mentored many successful scientists, including Anatoly Zhabotinsky.One of the famous provisions of ibn-i arab. Shnol notices this in his experiments in the lab. Every moment of life is different and has a personality of itself, God is creating a brand new moment from the time to time.

Researchers Find Evidence That Human Evolution Is Still Actively Happening

Scientists discover that humans are still evolving, with natural selection weeding out certain diseases.

A large new study says humans are still evolving. Scientists found that natural selection is weeding out harmful genetic mutations from our gene pool.

While we tend to think of evolution as laborious process that takes a long period of time, there also changes that can take place over one or two generations. Researchers from Columbia University analyzed DNA from 210,000 people in the United States and Britain and found that certain genetic variants, particularly those linked to Alzheimer’s disease and heavy smoking appear less frequently in people who live longer. This suggests that such genes are being less favored and may be on the way out of the human genome.

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Teoría de la evolución de Darwin: por qué es incorrecto decir que «descendemos de los monos» y otras 4 cosas más



Este 24 de noviembre se cumplen 160 años desde la publicación de «El origen de las especies», el libro en el que Charles Darwin estableció las bases de la teoría de la evolución por selección natural.

¿Pero cuánto sabemos sobre la historia de nuestra especie?

¿Y por qué es un error decir que «descendemos de los monos»?

En BBC Mundo recordamos cinco datos que tal vez puedan resultarte sorprendentes sobre la evolución humana.

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