Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia inclui espiritualidade em diretriz

A nova diretriz de prevenção elaborada pela Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia integra a espiritualidade como parte do protocolo da arte da medicina. A orientação é consequência de diversos estudos que evidenciam que meios capazes de aliviar o estresse e/ou integrar o meio ambiente interno de um indivíduo à prática clínica resultam em melhor saúde.

Ao trazer para dentro do consultório a busca das pessoas por conexão ou propósito em suas vidas, a Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia se mostra em alinhamento com a profunda transformação que a ciência médica mundial vem passando. O reconhecimento da espiritualidade pode ser visto como parte essencial do medicamento “centrado no paciente”, cada vez mais visto como crucial para o atendimento de alta qualidade.

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The Danger in Fake Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing

Today’s spiritual (and sometimes psychology) world feels fake to me. Lots of pretty blond yogis talking about positive vibes, about not allowing negative energy or thoughts to get to you, about surrounding yourself with only supportive positive people.

Unless you live in a bubble on Mars, this is not only not realistic, but this is also a recipe for staying emotionally and psychically dwarfed, never growing or truly learning who you are.

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Positive Emotions, Spirituality and the Practice of Psychiatry

This paper proposes that eight positive emotions: awe, love (attachment), trust (faith), compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and hope constitute what we mean by spirituality. These emotions have been grossly ignored by psychiatry. The two sciences that I shall employ to demonstrate this definition of spirituality will be ethology and neuroscience. They are both very new. I will argue that spirituality is not about ideas, sacred texts and theology; rather, spirituality is all about emotion and social connection.

Specific religions, for all their limitations, are often the portal through which positive emotions are brought into conscious attention. Neither Freud nor psychiatric textbooks ever mention emotions like joy and gratitude. Hymns and psalms give these emotions pride of place. Our whole concept of psychotherapy might change if clinicians set about enhancing positive emotions rather than focusing only on negative emotions.

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God Is In The Details







Religion has long been a topic of philosophical discussion, but only relatively recently have neuroscientists begun to investigate faith and spirituality, too. Several different strands of research now indicate that there are specific parts of our brains that relate to belief in God, and that if certain parts of the brain are stimulated or damaged, it can lead to a dramatic change in faith or spirituality.

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The world today is going through a phenomenal metamorphosis that is affecting all. Be it climate change or economic downturns, political shifts or the rising discontent in certain parts of the world, everyone is affected. We need to come together as one human race rather than drifting apart. We should leverage any and all kinds of knowledge and wisdom to augment the quality of our lives. I find myself straddling two worlds all the time – science and spirituality, east and west, masculinity and femininity – yin and yang. Despite the dichotomy, coexistence is not a choice. It’s a necessity.

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