Physicists solve a 140-year-old mystery


  • Researchers discover a method of extracting previously unavailable information from superconductors.
  • The study builds on a 19th-century discovery by physicist Edward Hall.
  • The research promises to lead to a new generation of semiconductor materials and devices.


New research, led by IBM, made a breakthrough in resolving a mystery that has baffled physicists for 140 years. It promises to lead to a new generation of semiconductor materials and devices that use them.

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Seu corpo é uma rede elétrica


Resumo da matéria 

  • As mitocôndrias existem numa rede interconectada, que lhes permite se comunicar e distribuir energia rapidamente através das células do corpo
  • Dentro de praticamente toda célula do corpo existe uma «rede elétrica» mitocondrial
  • Se parte da rede deixar de funcionar, existe um mecanismo que age como um circuit breaker, cortando as seções defeituosas do restante da rede, para que esta continue funcionando


As mitocôndrias são estruturas pequenas e especializadas, que geram energia dentro das células. Elas atuam transferindo elétrons de gorduras e açúcares para o oxigênio no processo de geração de ATP (adenosina trifosfato), que é a «moeda» energética das suas células.

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Physicists Have Found an Entirely New Type of Superconductivity

One of the ultimate goals of modern physics is to unlock the power of superconductivity, where electricity flows with zero resistance at room temperature.

Progress has been slow, but in 2018, physicists have made an unexpected breakthrough. They discovered a superconductor that works in a way no one’s ever seen before – and it opens the door to a whole world of possibilities not considered until now.

In other words, they identified a brand new type of superconductivity.

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