‘It nearly cost me my life’: Woman, 24, hospitalised with pancreatitis warns about risks of taking controversial acne drug Roaccutane

  • Charlotte Carpenter felt agonising pain and was struggling to breathe 
  • Had been taking drug for severe acne for just two months 
  • Pancreatitis is a known but rare side effect of Roaccutane, says manufacturer
  • Drug also linked to depression and psychotic disorder 
  • Parents who blame the drug on the suicides of their children have called for ban 

A woman who had a brush with death after taking Roaccutane for just two months is warning others about the risks of the controversial anti-acne drug.

Charlotte Carpenter, 24, suffered horrendous pain in her side and difficulty breathing and was rushed to A&E with life-threatening pancreatitis.

She was shocked to be told the condition – where the pancreas becomes inflamed and can cause complications, such as multiple organ failure – was a side effect of the medication she’d taken for her skin problems. Leer Más

Pollution is now a greater threat than Ebola and HIV, the World Health Organisation warns

Pollution is now a greater threat than Ebola and HIV and is responsible for one in four deaths among children aged under five, the World Health Organisation has warned.

Worldwide, more than 1.7 million children’s deaths were attributable to environmental hazards such as air pollution and contaminated water, according to report published on Monday. Leer Más

New Study Reveals How Cannabis Interferes With The Development Of Brain Connections


Researchers from Osaka University in Japan have discovered that the body’s own cannabinoids – known as endocannabinoids – play a major role in regulating the formation of brain connections, and that smoking marijuana may interfere with this process. Appearing in the Journal of Neuroscience, this research not only sheds light on some of the potential dangers of regularly using cannabis while the brain is developing, but also helps to clear up the long-standing mystery of how neural circuits are created. Leer Más