Aqua-Fi: Underwater WiFi developed using LEDs and lasers

Aquatic internet that sends data through light beams could enable divers to instantly transmit footage from under the sea to the surface.

The internet is an indispensable communication tool, connecting tens of billions of devices worldwide, and yet we struggle to connect to the web from under water. “People from both academia and industry want to monitor and explore underwater environments in detail,” explains the first author, Basem Shihada. Wireless internet under the sea would enable divers to talk without hand signals and send live data to the surface.

Underwater communication is possible with radio, acoustic and visible light signals. However, radio can only carry data over short distances, while acoustic signals support long distances, but with a very limited data rate. Visible light can travel far and carry lots of data, but the narrow light beams require a clear line of sight between the transmitters and receivers.

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Heal Your Inner Child


You’re a smart, well-rounded, and well-educated person, right? So why is it you keep making the same poor choices over and over again? Why do relationships in your life suffer because of poor communication? Why do you sometimes feel as though you have no control in your life? It could be because your inner child is in the driver’s seat, and if you’ve ever seen a six-year-old drive, well, that says it all.

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Fast and hardwired: Gut-brain connection could lead to a “new sense”






The mysteries of our “second brain” are a profound new frontier in 21st century medical science. While research is rapidly discovering amazing connections between our gut and our brain, little is known about how these two distinct parts of the body communicate with each other. A remarkable new study has upturned existing ideas surrounding gut-brain communication, revealing a fast-acting neural circuit allowing gut cells to communicate with the brain in just seconds.

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A Burra Unanimidade Do Senso Comum

Desde os primórdios da humanidade, certas características de um pensamento coletivo e uniforme são elevadas a categorias de uma falácia tornada verdade, concretização de uma generalização perversa para encaixar grupos, pessoas, seres e ideias como algo ruim, decrépito e nocivo à sociedade. Estou falando do já consagrado senso comum, tão em evidencia nos últimos tempos, graças ao seu predomínio nos meios de comunicação. O senso comum é fato consumado para legitimar argumentos retóricos, geralmente inconsistentes, permeados por concepções generalistas  dos fatos relatados.

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by Edward Campbell

A substantial extract from a fascinating account of communicating with animals that was originally an Institute for Cultural Research Lecture in 1970. The complete monograph is available for download at

… A European animal trainer, a very remarkable little man called Hans Brick, was fascinated by legends of lions trained to retrieve game in the chase. He trained his own lion Habibi to shoot a dart from a spring gun, then to seek it out, retrieve it and bring it back and drop it at his feet. I have watched this perhaps fifty times.

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