Different Types Of Meditation Change Different Areas Of The Brain, Study Finds







There’s been a lot of discussion about what kinds of mental activities are actually capable of changing the brain. Some promises of bolstered IQ and enhanced brain function via specially-designed “brain games” have fizzled out. Meanwhile, meditation and mindfulness training have accumulated some impressive evidence, suggesting that the practices can change not only the structure and function of the brain, but also our behavior and moment-to-moment experience.

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by Edward Campbell

A substantial extract from a fascinating account of communicating with animals that was originally an Institute for Cultural Research Lecture in 1970. The complete monograph is available for download at http://i-c-r.org.uk/publications/monographarchive.php

… A European animal trainer, a very remarkable little man called Hans Brick, was fascinated by legends of lions trained to retrieve game in the chase. He trained his own lion Habibi to shoot a dart from a spring gun, then to seek it out, retrieve it and bring it back and drop it at his feet. I have watched this perhaps fifty times.

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Nossa Dívida com Idries Shah






(1897-1986), que viveu por trinta e seis anos no Oriente Médio, foi o fundador da Legião Árabe e o autor de numerosas e bem conhecidas histórias da região. Ele ficou gravemente ferido na Primeira Guerra Mundial e passou a servir no Iraque e na Jordânia com tropas treinadas pelo deserto que acabariam por formar o exército jordano. Um soldado com interesse em religião e psicologia, ele era conhecido como um homem modesto que nunca perdeu a paciência com subordinados.

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