Eucalipto arco-íris: a árvore mais bonita do mundo

O eucalipto deglupta é comumente conhecido como o eucalipto arco-íris por causa de sua maneira única de derramar sua casca. Uma vez derramada, a casca interna que é revelada é verde brilhante, mas eventualmente amadurece para azul, roxo, laranja e, eventualmente, marrom. O eucalipto arco-íris não perde sua casca de uma só vez, mas em seções ao longo do ano, permitindo o incrível efeito do arco-íris.

Também conhecida como ‘goma de Mindanao’, ou ‘goma de arco-íris’, esta bela árvore é nativa das Filipinas, Indonésia e Papua Nova Guiné. É a única espécie de eucalipto que geralmente vive na floresta tropical – com uma extensão natural que se estende até o hemisfério norte

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Too Many Wellness Trends? These 5 May Actually Change Your Life

Last year, we witnessed the least original evolution of trends. None of this should be surprising, trends are one way of making sense of our connection in a world of information overload, so it makes sense that many of 2019’s trends were just an evolution of 2018.

Just look: oat milk (almond milk’s cooler cousin), alcoholic seltzers (the younger La Croix), CBD (two mins away from the essential oil aisle), jumpsuits (fine, but Fleabag season 2 is character development from season 1, so actually I stand by this), and even astrology (a natural progression from 2018’s healing crystal trend).

So what’s going to be a big deal in 2020? Frankly it shouldn’t matter, because no body is like another, but there is joy in community and sharing and helping others find relief. So that’s what we, at Greatist, focused on when we curated this list.

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The Stunning Beauty of Islamic Geometric Patterns

Creative people always want to find something interesting that would challenge them and interests them in life. If they happen to find their interest in art, it translates not only into art, but it also serves a higher purpose in connecting the viewer to consciousness. When there is a need to describe the idea or the logic behind an art form, we almost always need help from geometry.

Humans are capable of looking at the world in different ways. People with different training have different perspectives, and they look at the world in many different ways. The painter looks at the world in a certain way, the poet looks at in a different way, the novelist looks at it in another way. For instance, Picasso looked at the world and saw things in ways we could not. He looked at the world and then abstracted it, very much like a mathematician.

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