“The Great Pyramid was a fractal resonator for the entire Earth»

“The Great Pyramid was a fractal resonator for the entire Earth. It is designed according to the proportions of the cosmic temple, the natural pattern that blends the two fundamental principles of creation. The pyramid has golden ratio, pi, the base of natural logarithms, the precise length of the year and the dimensions of the Earth built into its geometry. It demonstrates…. As John Michell has pointed out in his wonderful little book, City of Revelation, ‘Above all, the Great Pyramid is a monument to the art of ‘squaring the circle».” ― Alison Charlotte Primrose

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Arabic calligraphy art in the world

Link Original: https://www.facebook.com/salah.art555/?tn=kCH-R&eid=ARDV1jZ6C8PH_DyHvmG8OofPInHEbJTeXVvlQnE5L5mQkHtShpwIP8KKxMszoYNcsyVo4Sngore2OEO1&hc_ref=ARSb9w72SbFhRb6bk3GCe8wIMvSXuYg2KCYreRsDYESOvlCg7lk9QlwWKl7RfYIoOQE&fref=nf&xts[0]=68.ARAAlB1Xg3BEF5Yp9IyYGgCjmp516544exGW6xAyeBngFOcw-wUWN5VdALDFL_53k3Gk8DXnhEzecATIO36p4BHSJ2SSP-pTkypk_TzrEBUlQoPAOgKafXEAYv5QWkajfy6V8miPPS59ZP3WL5tM0LRHleL2c3xr0GnFztfCKLM1NVBGfWDjiSURpR1bZELLijxX29xrYTXVjobjv2TTtlq0HU-X714goLA9tVSaOkOh-NIW-AWlCSxpH8ryJcgENTEeuFpvYvEMaECygk-DPR5RDe-Sg799IzbXuFTM1LvJ4d8v0H3iHwqDRE4XuJWy02AQE7HttJcn-7OWZWk

How I use art to bridge misunderstanding

Director and playwright Adong Judith creates provocative art that sparks dialogue on issues from LGBTQ rights to war crimes. In this quick but powerful talk, the TED Fellow details her work — including the play «Silent Voices,» which brought victims of the Northern Ugandan war against Joseph Kony’s rebel group together with political, religious and cultural leaders for transformative talks. «Listening to one another will not magically solve all problems,» Judith says. «But it will give a chance to create avenues to start to work together to solve many of humanity’s problems.»

Link Original: https://www.ted.com/talks/adong_judith_how_i_use_art_to_bridge_misunderstanding