Arrogantes y generosos

Los Sufis, al contrario que otros místicos o supuestos poseedores de conocimiento especial, tienen fama de ser arrogantes. Esta arrogancia, según ellos mismos, se debe solo a una mala interpretación de su comportamiento por parte de la gente. “Una persona”, dicen, “que pudiese encender un fuego sin frotar palos y que lo dijera, le resultaría arrogante a alguien que no pudiera hacerlo”.

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The spectrum of arrogance

On a first date, people focus on making a good first impression. But when someone brags about themselves constantly, that person is often exhibiting some level of arrogance.

Throughout history, cultures and academia have described arrogance in different ways, such as ancient mythology when King Xerxes’ fleet was ruined by his overconfident assessment of his force compared to the Greeks. Now, a team of psychology researchers at the University of Missouri is providing one of the first comprehensive literature reviews on arrogance, as well as a way to classify the condition on different levels across a spectrum, similarly to how autism is diagnosed. Nelson Cowan, a Curators Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences in the MU College of Arts and Science, organized a team of graduate students and two postdoctoral fellows to complete this project, something he had been working on for his entire career.

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