“El gran hecho central de la vida humana es penetrar en una comprensión consciente de nuestra unidad con esta Vida Infinita, y abrirnos completamente a esta afluencia divina. En el grado en que nos adentramos en esta comprensión consciente y nos abrimos completamente a esta afluencia, realizamos en nosotros las cualidades y poderes de la Vida Infinita, nos convertimos en canales por cuya mediación puede actuar la Inteligencia y el Poder Infinito. En la medida en que nos damos cuenta de nuestra unidad con el Espíritu Infinito cambiamos la enfermedad por el alivio, la desarmonía por la armonía, el sufrimiento y el dolor por energía y la salud abundantes. Reconocer nuestra propia divinidad y nuestra íntima relación con el Universal es conectar los cables de nuestra maquinaria a la central motriz del universo. No hemos de estar en el infierno más tiempo del que elijamos, y cuando escogemos levantarnos todos los poderes superiores del universo se combinan para ayudarnos a ir hacia el cielo”.

Discovery of New Immune Cell Type May Unlock Strategies against Neurological Disorders and CNS Damage

Investigators at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the University of Michigan, have identified in mice a new type of immune cell, which their in vivo studies showed can rescue damaged nerve cells from death and partially reverse nerve fiber damage. The scientists also identified a human immune cell line that exhibits similar characteristics, and which promotes nervous system repair.

They suggest that the findings may point to new strategies for enabling recovery from degenerative neurological diseases, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as from damage caused by traumatic brain and spine injuries and stroke. “This immune cell subset secretes growth factors that enhance the survival of nerve cells following traumatic injury to the central nervous system,” said Benjamin Segal, MD, professor and chair of the department of neurology at the Ohio State College of Medicine and co-director of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center’s Neurological Institute. “It stimulates severed nerve fibers to regrow in the central nervous system, which is really unprecedented. In the future, this line of research might ultimately lead to the development of novel cell-based therapies that restore lost neurological functions across a range of conditions.”

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According to the Sufis, human faculties, although perceptive, are limited: like a radio set, which can receive only certain electromagnetic waves and not other parts of this band. The inability to transcend the barrier of limited senses explains human subjectivity. The Sufis assert that through familiarization with concepts, patterns of thought, and ideas that form part of their contemporary literature, one can learn to penetrate beyond this apparent reality.In Letters and Lectures, the reader will become familiar with the Sufi teaching story and with some of the questions and answers exchanged between the Sufi teacher and his students.

Important though such correspondences undoubtedly are for historical purposes, and there are many of them, there is a deeper level of definition, the linguistic one, where the analysis of concepts brings a flavour of the Muslim feeling for Islam and surrender and the possibility of the contemporary Christian understanding what this meant to the Muslim, so that he could compare it with his own conceptions. It is, of course, widely known that the name of the religion of the Muslims is Islam, or al-Islam, ‘al’ being the definite article in Arabic. Islam literally means ‘submission, yielding, surrender’ – to the will of God. ‘Muslim’ means one who is so surrendered. This etymology is important, because it is not just a name, it is a meaning. If you ask many an Arab, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ he will often reply, ‘If God wills’, which is roughly equivalent in colloquial speech to ‘I hope so’.

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Consejos de Bahaudin – Counsels of Bahaudin

Fourteenth: When you feel least interested in following the Way which you have entered, this may be the time when it is most appropriate for you. If you imagine that you should not go on, it is not because you are not convinced or have doubts. It is because you are failing the test. You will always have doubts, but only discover them at a useful time for your weakness to point them out. Thinkers of the EastPaperback, eBook, audiobook, and free online editions, here: https://idriesshahfoundation.org/books/thinkers-of-the-east SpecialEdition:https://isfshop.com/…/thinkers-of-the-east-special… Pensadores de Oriente. Ya está disponible la nueva traducción, en formato impreso + eBook + audiolibro. Puedes también leerlo gratuitamente aquí:https://idriesshahfoundation.org/…/thinkers-of-the-east

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′′ Fique confortável no desconfortável ′′Eu amo essa foto. Dois homens totalmente tranquilos esperando a birra passar para a menina. Os dois homens são o pai e o vovô da pequena de dois anos, a quem foi dado por deitar no chão e fazer birra em pleno shopping. Nenhum dos dois homens perde a paciência, chateia ou grita com ele. Eles só esperam tranquilamente. Não lhe estão a dar o que ela quer simplesmente a estão a deixar expressar as suas emoções, neste caso a sua raiva ao não conseguir o que ela quer. Ninguém se sente envergonhado com o show que a pequena está dando. As próprias palavras do pai ao postar esta foto explicam tudo:′′ Este post é sobre uma coisa e apenas uma coisa. Fique confortável no desconfortável. Não há pais perfeitos, mas uma coisa que me ensinou o meu foi não ser pai dependendo do que os outros pensassem. Meu pai sempre me deixava sentir o que eu precisava sentir, mesmo que fosse em público e embaraçoso. Não me lembro de ele me dizer: ‘ Você está me envergonhando! ‘o’ Não chore! ‘. Não foi até há pouco tempo que percebi o quão importante foi para o meu próprio desenvolvimento emocional. Nossas crianças estão aprendendo e processando tanta informação e não sabem o que fazer com todos esses novos sentimentos que aparecem “. Aprendamos a nos sentir confortável no desconfortável. Aprendamos a lidar com as birras dos nossos filhos / as com paciência e tranquilidade. Crianças são crianças uma vez na vida. 💗💕

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“Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes – every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of a man.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

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