Jovens aceitam ganhar menos em troca de horários flexíveis no trabalho

Home office, flexibilidade de horários e mais tempo para a família. Mais que salários altos ou cargos importantes, os jovens no mercado de trabalho buscam equilíbrio entre a vida pessoal e profissional. O novo modelo, segundo reportagem do New York Times, pode trazer repercussões positivas para todos os funcionários das empresas.

Apple, Walmart e Salesforce são exemplos de grandes corporações que já buscam maneiras de ajudar seus funcionários na busca por esse equilíbrio — e atrair assim os melhores talentos.

Os jovens provaram que não é preciso estar no escritório das 9h às 17h para ser um funcionário eficiente,” diz Ana Recio, vice-presidente executiva da recrutamento global da Salesforce.

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How to Achieve Superior Detoxification and Health Benefits With Near-Infrared Light


  • The typical infrared sauna sold in the U.S. is far-infrared. These low-energy wavelengths provide virtually no photobiomodulation health benefits; they only heat your body superficially
  • The near-infrared wavelengths can penetrate up to 4 inches into your body’s tissues. The incandescent light bulb is the most efficient way to heat tissue because it is mostly near-infrared
  • Only a few percent of solar radiation are far-infrared. About 40 percent of the sunlight spectrum is near-infrared
  • Sunlight and incandescent light interacts with light receptor proteins called chromophores in your body. When light hits the chromophores, they activate a variety of biological processes. Near-infrared also activates the mitochondrial chelating systems in the cells
  • Near-infrared light therapy stimulates your mitochondria to release nitric oxide and boost ATP production which, together, promote healing effects such as DNA repair and cellular regeneration.

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Shine a Light on Limitless Learning

The human brain has limitless potential. That’s what I realized as I transformed myself from someone who could never pay attention in school and took the college entrance exam three years in a row to someone who successfully completed a degree in clinical pathology. I play many instruments, but I never formally learned how. I taught myself by picking up the flute and playing with it. With practice, I found the right techniques and gradually put together notes that sounded good to my ears. I am not a musical prodigy. I just believed I could do it.

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Want to Learn Something New? Here Are 10 Awesome Online Courses You Can Take Right Now For Under $70


If you’re anything like us, you have a huge list of skills that you want to master in your lifetime.

The problem is, it takes time and often a lot of money in order to not just learn but excel at something new.

While researchers have debunked the idea that you need 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, there’s still the issue of finding affordable and accessible courses. It’s even better if you can do them from the comfort of your own couch.

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Meditation: A Daily Gift To Ourselves And Others

We go through our days checking off to-do lists, accomplishing and achieving, but we all know we also need days off and vacations. Meditation is like a daily “day off,” a gift we give ourselves that becomes a gift we give others .

If you put dirt in a jar full of water and cover and shake the jar, the water becomes cloudy. Put the jar on a table and let it rest: the dirt settles to the bottom, and the water becomes clear again. A daily meditation practice gives much the same kind of rest to both our minds and bodies.

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