Wi-Fried’ — Is Wireless Technology Dooming a Generation to Ill Health?






Algo exagerado pero disminuir la exposición electromagnética puede ser útil en algún grado … en especial para los chicos …

By Dr. Mercola

Most people today live in a sea of radiofrequencies (RF), emitted from wireless technologies of all kinds, from routers to smartphones, tablets, baby monitors, TVs, appliances, smart meters and more. In the featured ABC program “Wi-Fried,” originally aired in 2016, Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D., investigates the alleged safety of mobile devices.

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Entrevista con James Burke – Idries Shah Foundation

¿Hasta qué punto será el futuro ‘futurista’ y en qué medida empezará a parecerse cada vez más al pasado?

‘Futurista’ es una palabra firmemente enraizada en su contexto contemporáneo. Por lo tanto, las perspectivas del futuro descritas por Julio Verne, H G Wells o en el mundo de Buck Rogers eran todas muy diferentes. Supongo que dentro de cincuenta años el futuro será (como es el presente) un entorno reconocible que contiene detalles que no entendemos. Como hubiera sido el caso de las personas hace cincuenta años con respecto a nuestro mundo moderno: personas vestidas y siguiendo rutinas diarias como antes, pero (con teléfonos inteligentes) hablando con pequeñas cajas, o aparentemente rodando películas de sus amigos con las mismas cajas pequeñas. O a veces hablando solo. Durante los próximos cincuenta años no puedo ver ningún retorno al pasado.

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Vatican unveils frescoes in catacombs that show FEMALE PRIESTS

Do these images prove that early Christianity had FEMALE priests? Vatican unveils frescoes hinting that women held power in the early Church

  • The 230-240 AD frescoes were found in the Catacombs of Priscilla of Rome
  • One fresco shows a group of women celebrating banquet of the Eucharist
  • Another shows woman with outstretched arms like those of a priest
  • Vatican says assertions that these women were priests are ‘fairy tales’

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Interview with James Burke

To what extent will the future be ‘futuristic’ and to what extent will it start to increasingly resemble the past?

‘Futuristic’ is a word firmly rooted in its contemporary context. Thus the views of the future described by Jules Verne, or HG Wells or the world of Buck Rogers were all very different. I suppose my guess would be that in fifty years’ time the future will be (as is the present) a recognizable environment containing detail we would not understand. As would have been the case of people fifty years ago regarding our modern world: people dressed and following daily routines much as before, but (with smartphones) talking into little boxes, or apparently running films of their friends on the same little boxes. Or sometimes just talking to themselves. Over the next fifty years, I can’t see any return to the past.

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A New Study Brings Scientists One Step Closer To Mind Reading

Researchers have developed a technique that uses the brainwaves captured by EEG machines to reconstruct the images you see

A crime happens, and there is a witness. Instead of a sketch artist drawing a portrait of the suspect based on verbal descriptions, the police hook the witness up to EEG equipment. The witness is asked to picture the perpetrator, and from the EEG data, a face appears.

While this scenario exists only in the realm of science fiction, new research from the University of Toronto Scarborough brings it one step closer to reality. Scientists have used EEG data (“brainwaves”) to reconstruct images of faces shown to subjects. In other words, they’re using EEG to tap into what a subject is seeing.

Is it mind reading? Sort of.

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