Não faltam oportunidades na Feira do Empreendedor para quem está pensando em abrir um negócio no ramo de alimentação. Entre os mais de 400 expositores do evento, estão disponíveis para os visitantes diversas opções de maquinários. Sem ultrapassar os R$ 30 mil, os artigos vão desde pipoqueiras e sorveteiras até produtos especializados na produção de brigadeiros – tudo isso podendo ser operado de casa.

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A ‘spooky’ effect of physics that Einstein couldn’t believe has been photographed for the first time

The first photos of quantum-entangled particles showing a Bell inequality.
Paul-Antoine Moreau et al./Science Advances
  • Albert Einstein‘s work in part led to the prediction of quantum entanglement: the idea that two particles can remain connected across vast distances of space and time.
  • Einstein found the idea absurd and “spooky,” but it has since been proved with countless quantum physics experiments.
  • No one had ever made a photograph using the entanglement of photons (pieces of light) until a research team recently did so with a laser-based experiment.

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Quantum Physics Experiment Suggests That Reality Isn’t Objective


When it comes to quantum physics, there may be no such thing as a shared objective reality.

A new quantum physics experiment just lent evidence to a mind-boggling idea that was previously limited to the realm of theory, according to the MIT Technology Review — that under the right conditions, two people can observe the same event, see two different things happen, and both be correct.

According to research shared to the preprint server arXiv on Tuesday, physicists from Heriot-Watt University demonstrated for the first time how two people can experience different realities by recreating a classic quantum physics thought experiment.

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Quantum Darwinism, which may explain our reality, passes tests


A mind-bending physics theory may explain why we have one reality instead of many.

  • Quantum Darwinism, a theory created by Wojciech Zurech, may explain decoherence.
  • The theory looks to reconcile quantum mechanics with classical physics.
  • Three recent studies support the theory.


Quantum mechanics is always good for a head-scratching idea -in part, due to its seeming incompatibility with classical physics. One of the major conundrums it offers is the concept of superposition -the ability of a particle to exist in a range of possible states. That certainly doesn’t gel with our everyday experience. We appear to be living in one consistent reality where the objects we can observe aren’t fluctuating in and out of existence. The reason why might lie in Quantum Darwinism, a theory bolstered by a trio of recent experiments.

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