Astragalus Root – Health, Immune System and Anti-Aging Benefits






Astragalus root is an herb that’s tremendously important in traditional Chinese medicine. It is known for its many health benefits, especially its potential to slow the aging process. Research has revealed this herb may have the ability to encourage healthy function of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. It has also been shown to support normal cholesterol and blood pressure and encourage a healthy response to psychological stress. Because of its many qualities, astragalus root is frequently used to enhance therapies for various health issues.[1]

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Maconha na adolescência é uma fábrica de losers

“Maconha na adolescência é uma fábrica de losers”, afirma psiquiatra Sérgio de Paula Ramos. – Especialista em dependência química com mais de 40 anos de carreira, o médico ressalta que a intervenção precoce é fundamental

A dependência química é uma doença democrática, define o psiquiatra e psicanalista Sérgio de Paula Ramos, 67 anos. Atinge, na mesma medida, as classes alta, média e baixa. No país, 12% da população têm transtorno por uso de álcool; de 4% a 5%, por consumo de outras drogas; e dependentes de tabaco somam 13% dos brasileiros. É o grande problema de saúde pública deste século, segundo o médico, uma das mais destacadas autoridades no tema.

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New Study Reveals Harmful Effects of Dim Light Exposure During Sleep

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  • Exposure to very dim light during sleep — even if it does not noticeably impair your sleep — may affect your brain function and cognition during the day
  • Sleeping under 10 lux light conditions decreased activation in a brain region involved in response inhibition, attentional control and the detection of relevant cues when performing a task the following day
  • Animal research found that nighttime exposure to 5 lux for three weeks in a row produced depression-like symptoms and impaired cognition

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