Psicólogos explicam os benefícios de se fazer bolos, biscoitos ou pÃes para ou tras pessoas

Mas assar bolos e bolachas é muito mais do que apenas criar algo doce para comer.

As pessoas que gostam de fazer bolos ou biscoitos aproveitam qualquer desculpa para esquentar seus fornos. Fazem um bolo para comemorar o aniversário de alguém, dedicam tempo assando biscoitos para um dia de festa e preparam brownies simplesmente porque todo o mundo adora chocolate. Mas assar bolos e bolachas é muito mais do que apenas criar algo doce para comer. Especialmente quando é feito para outras pessoas, é um ato que traz toda uma série de benefícios psicológicos.


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China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet



Results from the Micius satellite test quantum entanglement, pointing the way toward hack-proof global communications—and a new space race.



In a landmark study, a team of Chinese scientists using an experimental satellite has tested quantum entanglement over unprecedented distances, beaming entangled pairs of photons to three ground stations across China—each separated by more than 1,200 kilometres. The test verifies a mysterious and long-held tenet of quantum theory and firmly establishes China as the front-runner in a burgeoning “quantum space race” to create a secure, quantum-based global communications network—that is, a potentially unhackable “quantum internet” that would be of immense geopolitical importance. The findings were published Thursday in Science.


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What does DNA sound like? Using music to unlock the secrets of genetic code


I’ve been studying molecular biology for many years. I also have a keen interest in music, having played with Sydney pop band the Hummingbirds. Usually, there is little overlap between these two pursuits, but I recently became aware of people using DNA sequences to create music.

This is called sonification. The people doing this usually treat DNA sequences as random patterns to create nice-sounding music. But what if we used musical notes to find out something useful about DNA sequences, like where mutations occur?

So I put on my coding hat and devised a tool that converts a DNA sequence into an audio stream. The results were recently published in the journal BMC Bioinformatics.


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