Soy formula feeding during infancy associated with severe menstrual pain in adulthood








New research suggests that infant girls fed soy formula are more likely to develop severe menstrual pain as young adults. The finding adds to the growing body of literature that suggests exposure to soy formula during early life may have detrimental effects on the reproductive system. The study appears online in the journal Human Reproduction.

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Mediterranean diet ‘may help prevent depression’

Eating a Mediterranean diet may help prevent depression, research suggests.

But an expert in metabolic medicine says more rigorous, targeted trials are needed to confirm evidence of the potential link.

The findings, in Molecular Psychiatry, come from a review of 41 studies published within the last eight years.

A plant-based diet of fruit, veg, grains, fish, nuts and olive oil – but not too much meat or dairy – appeared to have benefits in terms of mood.

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The Gut-Healing, Anxiety-Alleviating Food That Functional Docs Love

The herbal remedies provided by nature are an amazing aspect of our planet, and slippery elm is no exception. Formally known as Ulmus rubra (or fulva), the inner back of the elm tree has been used in North America for centuries. Its name stems (no pun intented) from the fact that the bark consists of mucilage, which creates a slick substance when mixed with water. Native Americans used it as a healing salve for sores and wounds, as well as for GI issues and flu-like symptoms. Today, slippery elm is used to treat a variety of ailments from healing digestive distress to soothing stres and anxiety to treating symptoms of psoriasis. Studies are even showin the herb has its benefits for women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Aside from the mucilage, slippery elm is also packed with nutrients. It is not only a potent source of antioxidants but also contains a host of minerals, such as magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, as well as vitamin C and a family of B vitamins, to name a few.

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The Foods That Make You Happy Are The Ones That Are Both Nutritious & Delicious, Study Says







If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably fallen into the rut of just grabbing whatever’s quick and easy to munch on when you feel hungry, without paying much attention to the nutritional value. But when you’re not eating enough vitamins or getting the nutrients your body needs, new research suggests it can take a serious toll on your mental well-being. See, the foods that make you happy aren’t just the ones that make your mouth water; according to a new study, they’re the ones packed with the good stuff your body really needs, like vitamin D, protein, etc. Of course, there’s room for all of these things in a balanced diet, but it’s worth knowing which foods your body’s truly craving to support your emotional well-being.

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