Is nutritional psychiatry the future of mental health treatments?






Mental health problems are notoriously tricky to treat, with many sufferers reporting that they’ve gone through several different psychiatrists and medications before striking on something that manages their condition to at least some degree. However, it’s starting to look like seeing a conventional psychiatrist for mental health problems might be a bit like going to a cardiologist for a skin condition; an emerging specialty, nutritional psychiatry, holds a lot more promise when it comes to successfully conquering mental illness.

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Você gosta de shimeji, shiitake? Champignon? Não curte nenhum tipo de cogumelo na alimentação? Pesquisadores avaliaram dados de 663 participantes com idades a partir de 60 anos e descobriram que consumir cogumelos mais de duas 2 vezes por semana reduz a probabilidade de desenvolver comprometimento cognitivo leve (CCL). A pesquisa suscita o potencial dos cogumelos e seus compostos bioativos em retardar a neurodegeneração.

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Long before human ancestors began hunting large mammals for meat, a fatty diet provided them with the nutrition to develop bigger brains, a new paper argues.

The paper suggests that our early ancestors acquired a taste for fat by eating marrow scavenged from the skeletal remains of large animals that other predators killed and ate. The argument challenges the widely held view among anthropologists that eating meat was the critical factor in setting the stage for the evolution of humans.

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Want healthier eating habits? Start with a workout

Researchers have found that formerly sedentary young adults who were instructed to exercise regularly for several weeks started choosing healthier foods without being asked to.


In the latest evidence that it’s worth sticking to your health-focused New Year’s resolutions, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have found that exercising regularly is linked to better eating habits.


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