China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet



Results from the Micius satellite test quantum entanglement, pointing the way toward hack-proof global communications—and a new space race.



In a landmark study, a team of Chinese scientists using an experimental satellite has tested quantum entanglement over unprecedented distances, beaming entangled pairs of photons to three ground stations across China—each separated by more than 1,200 kilometres. The test verifies a mysterious and long-held tenet of quantum theory and firmly establishes China as the front-runner in a burgeoning “quantum space race” to create a secure, quantum-based global communications network—that is, a potentially unhackable “quantum internet” that would be of immense geopolitical importance. The findings were published Thursday in Science.


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Is thyroid cancer linked to new sofas?

I got cancer from my SOFA: Woman reveals shocking diagnosis that could be linked to the flame-retardants in her furniture

  • Juliet Shand, from Kent, was often teased about having a husky, gravelly voice 
  • But, after trouble swallowing food, tests showed she’d developed thyroid cancer 
  • Her treatment was successful, but cases have risen 139 per cent since the 1990s
  • A recent study found a link between the disease and some flame-retardent sofas

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Learn How to Manipulate Big Data With The Data Science Certification Training Bundle

These days a company might have petabytes of data coming in daily.

To actually use any of that information, data scientists have become more and more vital to companies – to analyse and interpret the huge amounts of data and turn it all into something structured and useful.

That’s why our ScienceAlert Academy deal this week is the Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle.


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Einstein’s ‘Impossible’ Experiment Finally Performed

“Nunca digan que nunca sería posible “… “incensario pesimismo “….

A Hubble Space Telescope picture shows what’s known as an Einstein ring, when one galaxy bends and magnifies the light from a more distant one, as predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Astronomers have now used Hubble to see light from one star being bent by another in an experiment the famed physicist himself thought would be impossible to perform.

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Pesquisa identifica evasão escolar na raiz da violência extrema no Brasil

Dois grupos de jovens de idade semelhante, todos homens, pobres e criados na mesma região. Um grupo vira matador e o outro, trabalhador. Por quê?

O sociólogo Marcos Rolim procurou essa resposta ao investigar a violência extrema, aquela que mata ou fere mesmo quando não há provocação nem reação da vítima. Modalidade que, acredita ele, está em alta no Brasil.


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Virou lei na França: telhado verde e painel solar são obrigatórios em prédios comerciais

Soluções sustentáveis para as cidades são mais do que nunca necessárias.

A concentração de pessoas, veículos, empresas, comércios e indústrias tornam as nossas cidades mais poluídas, e isso acarreta em menor qualidade de vida para todos nós.

Podemos contar nos dedos quais centros urbanos que ainda possuem ar puro para se respirar.

Quais cidades não passam pelo processo de corte de árvores? Quantas obras chamadas de “revitalização” estão destruindo a fauna e a flora local para dar lugar a empreendimentos?

Portanto, é para ficarmos felizes com uma noticia destas: Paris, a capital da França, adotou uma medida que pode ser um pequeno grão na mudança que precisamos.

Agora é Lei na cidade que os prédios comerciais tenham telhados verdes ou placas solares.

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Ultrasound breakthrough brings hope for new dementia treatment

Australian researchers say they have made a substantial breakthrough in the possible treatment of dementia.

Scientists at the University of Queensland’s Brain Institute (QBI) found using ultrasound scanning along with an antibody drug reduced Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice.

The technique allowed more of the medication to get into the brain to clear out the proteins that cause Alzheimer’s, Professor Jurgen Gotz from the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research at QBI said.

“Reducing the toxic proteins then leads to an improvement in cognitive functions, and this can obviously be translated to patients,” he said.

Importantly, researchers found using the ultrasound opened up what is known as “the blood-brain barrier” — a membrane that usually stops drugs from the bloodstream from getting into the brain.

The barrier is there to protect the brain, but is also a major challenge for scientists trying to treat brain diseases.

It means the same ultrasound technique could potentially be used to treat other conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS more effectively.

“We believe that an ultrasound device should be approved for the treatment of brain diseases,” Professor Gotz said.

“This research could, in principle, be applied to other diseases with toxic protein build-ups such as Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease or Huntington’s disease.”

The findings build on earlier research which found ultrasound was effective in treating mice with Alzheimer’s.

The new study showed adding the antibody drug was even more effective.

Experts caution the research has only been tested on mice and human trials are still needed to see if the benefits translate.

Alzheimer’s Australia CEO Maree McCabe said any human trials would be at least five years away.

“In this study, they are still at the stage of testing mice and they haven’t moved to humans, but the exciting part is the ability to open up the blood brain barrier for a short period of time,” she said.

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