UV-LED disinfection of Coronavirus: Wavelength effect

LED lights found to kill coronavirus: Global first in fight against COVID-19


TAU finding suggests technology can be installed in air conditioning, vacuum, and water systems

December 14th, 2020 SUPPORT THIS RESEARCH

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have proven that the coronavirus can be killed efficiently, quickly, and cheaply using ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs). They believe that the UV-LED technology will soon be available for private and commercial use.

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In a Crisis, Pessimism Is Natural but Realism Is Crucial

It is important to recognize our pessimistic predispositions, so we may overcome them. When you read the news, make sure that in addition to reading about the latest COVID-19 death count, you also ingest the latest technological, medical and scientific breakthroughs that will bring the pandemic to an end.

With the COVID-19 lockdown upon us, anxiety and depression are on the rise. It would be irresponsible to downplay the risks that coronavirus poses to America’s health and economy. But excessive pessimism is also in no one’s interest. Problems and their purported solutions must be evaluated coolly and dispassionately. Facts, logic, reason and science, not emotions, must guide us in this time of troubles.

Unfortunately, some of our most basic impulses evolved at a time when the world was very different from our own. Our modern skulls house a stone age mind,” note Leda Cosmides and John Tooby from the University of California, Santa Barbara. The mind can be decidedly harmful in helping us address today’s problems, including those of anxiety and depression.

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El antivirus más potente contra la COVID-19: nuestro sistema inmune

Más de 200.000 personas fallecidas, casi la mitad de la población mundial confinada, consecuencias sociales y económicas nunca imaginadas… Y todo ello es causado por un microorganismo, el SARS-CoV-2, que solo mide 120 nanómetros (o sea, 0,00000012 metros). Está claro que, en inmunología, no hay rival pequeño: a pesar de su tamaño, el coronavirus es capaz de poner en jaque nuestro sistema inmune (y nuestro mundo).

Aunque los datos disponibles son aún limitados, conocer los mecanismos implicados en la respuesta inmune frente a un virus como este puede ser crucial para entender la enfermedad y hacerle frente con contundencia.

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Calm in the Time of Coronavirus

Caution and concern rule the day in the time of Coronavirus, as well it should.  But as we work together to prevent the spread of the virus and protect ourselves and our families form infection, there are ways we can both manage our stress and boost our self-care.

“The way I think of it is, if you’re going to be Purell-ing your hands all the time – or as you are washing your hands throughout the day – you can actually practice meditation,” says BHI Medical Director Darshan Mehta, MD.  “Hand washing or use of hand sanitizer is a perfect cue to do a mini relaxation.  While you are moving your hands together, you are counting and breathing deeply, so this gives you both the benefits of fighting off the virus and the internal benefit of knowing that you are taking care of yourself.”

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Researchers Find Evidence That Human Evolution Is Still Actively Happening

Scientists discover that humans are still evolving, with natural selection weeding out certain diseases.

A large new study says humans are still evolving. Scientists found that natural selection is weeding out harmful genetic mutations from our gene pool.

While we tend to think of evolution as laborious process that takes a long period of time, there also changes that can take place over one or two generations. Researchers from Columbia University analyzed DNA from 210,000 people in the United States and Britain and found that certain genetic variants, particularly those linked to Alzheimer’s disease and heavy smoking appear less frequently in people who live longer. This suggests that such genes are being less favored and may be on the way out of the human genome.

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There is hope: All the reasons to be optimistic about the end of the coronavirus crisis

With the UK going into a total self-imposed quarantine, several large American cities in lockdown, and distressing scenes in Spain and Italy, life right now feels chaotic and insecure. It’s a crisis. The economy has ground to a halt.

These are the worst of times.

And yet there is hope. This is temporary. It will end. Already, there are reasons to be optimistic.

So if you’re feeling a bit hopeless, consider:

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