How listening to music ‘significantly impairs’ creativity

Summary: The popular view that music enhances creativity has been challenged by researchers who say it has the opposite effect. Psychologists investigated the impact of background music on performance by presenting people with verbal insight problems that are believed to tap creativity. They found that background music ‘significantly impaired’ people’s ability to complete tasks testing verbal creativity — but there was no effect for background library noise.

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Three Pillars of Heavy Metal Detoxification


  • The best mercury test analyzes blood, hair, and urine to identify the type of mercury you have in your body, allowing you to determine the best course for detoxification
  • Glutathione is the dominant agent that binds to and helps move mercury and other heavy metals out of your tissues. Part of effective detox involves upregulating chemistry that then mobilizes and eliminates the metals
  • Three pillars of heavy metal detox are: cleanse and clear your GI tract of metals and toxins, optimize glutathione, and upregulate detox genes. Kidney- and liver-supporting herbs and supplements are valuable adjuncts


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Nearly a quarter of 14-year-old girls in UK self-harm, report finds

Girls are unhappier with their lives and more likely to have depression than their male peers, researchers found.

London (CNN) — Nearly a quarter of 14-year-old girls in the United Kingdom have self-harmed, with many facing overwhelming pressures over how they should look, their sexuality and how they behave, according to a new report by The Children’s Society.
It found that 22% of 14-year-old girls had self-harmed in the course of a year, compared with 9% of boys.

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Top bond strategist at $6.3 trillion Blackrock says markets are too focused on the US yield curve and could miss the main game

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during morning trading March 30, 2009, in New York City. All U.S. stock indexes were down sharply this morning, with the Dow dropping 288 points at one point, on the news from the Obama administration suggesting potential bankruptcy for General Motors and rival carmaker Chrysler. Yesterday the Obama administration demanded the resignation of GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner as a condition of the administrations’ ongoing bailout plan for the struggling auto industry. Mario Tama/Getty
  • The yield spread on 2- and 10-year US Treasuries is close to inverting, which has often been a reliable indicator of recessions.
  • But the fixed-income chief at $US6 trillion fund manager BlackRock said investors who are too focused on the yield curve could be missing the main game.
  • Jeffrey Rosenberg said instead of worrying about a recession, investors should focus on rebalancing their portfolios to maintain profits as rates begin to rise.

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