Daughter of Idries Shah introduces Teaching Stories to Paris children

Award-winning documentary maker Saira Shah was at UNESCO in Paris over the weekend reading some of her father’s stories as part of an international cultural event.

Idries Shah wrote the stories for Saira and her siblings when they were young. Now Saira’s helping make them available for children around the world. They’re beautifully illustrated – and hugely entertaining. And they follow a tradition of using fables and folk tales to impart wisdom – Teaching Stories as Shah dubbed them.

ISF has published six children’s books so far. And there are more to come.

You can purchase them on our online shop: https://isfshop.com/

Estudo da Nasa mostra que planeta está ‘mais verde’ que há 20 anos

Ao mesmo tempo em que o mundo testemunha avanços preocupantes do desmatamento na Amazônia em outras grandes florestas, como na Indonésia, Congo e Rússia, no quadro geral, o planeta se tornou mais verde na comparação com 20 anos atrás.

Essa conclusão surpreendente foi apresentada pela Nasa (a agência espacial americana) na semana passada.

Esse aumento nas áreas foliares globais se deve basicamente aos dois países mais populosos do mundo: China e Índia. Mas se deve, também, à expansão de áreas agrícolas “verdes”.

Por quase 20 anos, dois satélites da Nasa coletaram dados e imagens da Terra para observar o comportamento das áreas “verdes”.

Ao analisar esses dados, os pesquisadores notaram que, durante essas duas décadas, essa área foliar aumentou o equivalente a toda cobertura da Amazônia. 

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We’re delighted to announce that the first ISF Award for Human Achievement goes to #SirDavidAttenborough …!

The Award celebrates perseverance, ingenuity and original thought. It was set up to honour Idries Shahs’ belief in storytelling for progress and that each of us can reach our full potential in life. ISF uses storytelling to transmit wisdom and self-awareness about human nature. We use stories from all cultures and beliefs to help people understand their motivations and actions.

Similarly, Sir David’s work involves storytelling on an epic scale to help us understand the natural world and our connection to it. Congratulations Sir David!

Read more here about the award and upcoming recipients here: https://idriesshahfoundation.org/…/the-2019-isf-awards-for-…

Creatine Arms T Cells for the Battle against Cancer

UCLA scientists report that creatine, the organic acid that is popularly taken as a supplement by athletes and bodybuilders, serves as a molecular battery for immune cells by storing and distributing energy to power their fight against cancer. They say their study, conducted in mice and published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, is the first to show that creatine uptake is critical to the anti-tumor activities of CD8 T cells (aka killer T cells). The researchers also found that creatine supplementation can improve the efficacy of existing immunotherapies.

“Because oral creatine supplements have been broadly utilized by bodybuilders and athletes for the past three decades, existing data suggest they are likely safe when taken at appropriate doses,” said Lili Yang, PhD, a member of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA and the study’s senior author. “This could provide a clear and expedient path forward for the use of creatine supplementation to enhance existing cancer immunotherapies.”

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Conforme informações da MetSul Meteorologia, em seu perfil no Facebook, uma enorme área com fumaça oriunda dos incêndios na Austrália, cobre a Argentina e o Chile.

Com um centro de baixa pressão que impulsionará ar mais seco do Centro da Argentina pro Sul do Brasil, a MetSul crê que a fumaça da Austrália chegará ao Rio Grande do Sul no final da terça e durante a quarta-feira.


Fumaça de incêndios na Austrália deve chegar ao Rio Grande do Sul nos próximos dias