Armin van Buuren teaches dance music


Super proud to announce my MasterClass on dance music! Nowadays, to be a successful artist and DJ, it’s not enough to just know how to spin records. If you want to stand out, you need to make your own records, write music, and make remixes and mashups for your DJ sets. I’m truly excited to share my passion for producing music and DJing in my MasterClass. It’s the first time I get to show you my secrets and tips, and everything I’ve learned in my twenty years in this business. Enrollment is now open:

How Acoustic Shells Work (And How to Design Them Effectively)


Acoustic shells are iconic elements seen in public spaces around the world. But beyond their curious form, their operation is highly interesting. Inspired by the design of the human ear, the sound waves produced within acoustic shells are organized by their form, becoming stronger and more vivid for the audience in front of the structure.

From a technical point of view, sound propagation is carried out by reverberations that, when created inside the shell, are directed by the concave shape towards the spectators. In other words, after a sound is made, it hits the shell and, due to the shell’s carefully calculated form, is distributed to the audience. Another object that uses the same reasoning is the iconic Brazilian pay phone developed by the architect Chu Ming Silveira.

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