Maconha na adolescência é uma fábrica de losers

“Maconha na adolescência é uma fábrica de losers”, afirma psiquiatra Sérgio de Paula Ramos. – Especialista em dependência química com mais de 40 anos de carreira, o médico ressalta que a intervenção precoce é fundamental

A dependência química é uma doença democrática, define o psiquiatra e psicanalista Sérgio de Paula Ramos, 67 anos. Atinge, na mesma medida, as classes alta, média e baixa. No país, 12% da população têm transtorno por uso de álcool; de 4% a 5%, por consumo de outras drogas; e dependentes de tabaco somam 13% dos brasileiros. É o grande problema de saúde pública deste século, segundo o médico, uma das mais destacadas autoridades no tema.

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New Study Reveals Harmful Effects of Dim Light Exposure During Sleep

(Para leer el artículo en español, haga click aquí, o en la imagen)

  • Exposure to very dim light during sleep — even if it does not noticeably impair your sleep — may affect your brain function and cognition during the day
  • Sleeping under 10 lux light conditions decreased activation in a brain region involved in response inhibition, attentional control and the detection of relevant cues when performing a task the following day
  • Animal research found that nighttime exposure to 5 lux for three weeks in a row produced depression-like symptoms and impaired cognition

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The road to Alzheimer’s disease is lined with processed foods

Dementia haunts the United States. There’s no one without a personal story about how dementia has touched someone they care for. But beyond personal stories, the broader narrative is staggering: By 2025, we are on track to have almost 15 million Alzheimer’s patients in the US lone. That’s roughly the population of NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago combined. Now add a few more cities to take care of them.

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DHA – The Essential Fatty Acid that Helps with Pregnancy, Brain Health, Nervous System & more

During pregnancy, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and inundated with information and well-intentioned advice. When working with nutrition clients who are trying to conceive or navigating that first-trimester emotional roller coaster, I help them to stay calm and cut through the mixed messages and those anecdotal (and often unhelpful) tips that come from a good place but can be frustrating.

What is DHA?

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