because doubt is not a sin, it is a sign of
your intelligence. Yon are not responsible to any
nation, to any church, to any God.
You are responsible only for one thing, and that is
Self-knowledge. And the miracle is, if you earn fulfil
this responsibility, you will be able to fulfil many
other responsibilities without any effort.
The moment you come to your own being,
revolution happens in your vision. Your whole
outlook about life goes through a radical change.
start feeling new responsibilities – not as some
thing to be done, not as a duty to be fulfilled,
but as a joy to do”



Para aquellos que buscan la verdad en la religión convencionalizada:

Hasta que el colegio y el minarete no se hayan desplomado
Esta santa tarea nuestra no se habrá realizado.
Hasta que la fe no se transforme en rechazo
Y el rechazo devenga creencia
No habrá verdadero creyente

Abu Said

El camino del Sufi