Different Types Of Meditation Change Different Areas Of The Brain, Study Finds







There’s been a lot of discussion about what kinds of mental activities are actually capable of changing the brain. Some promises of bolstered IQ and enhanced brain function via specially-designed “brain games” have fizzled out. Meanwhile, meditation and mindfulness training have accumulated some impressive evidence, suggesting that the practices can change not only the structure and function of the brain, but also our behavior and moment-to-moment experience.

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Dice Ghazali: El conocimiento – la meta del Sufi – es aquello que sostiene la vida hasta tal punto, que si su transmisión fuese interrumpida por tres días, el núcleo del individuo moriría, tal como alguien lo haría si fuese privado de comida o si un paciente fuese privado de ciertas medicinas. El conocimiento Sufi, por lo tanto, es algo que mana continuamente dentro del hombre. La percepción y empleo de este conocimiento es el objetivo de los místicos (citando a Fatah el-Mosuli).

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Hand Dryers Spread Bacteria So Dramatically That Scientists Think They’re A Public Health Threat






In 2014, a team of researchers from the University of Leeds dropped a disturbing truth bomb on the public by announcing that the no-touch jet-air dryers in public restrooms are anything but sanitary. They found that these increasingly popular devices blast bacteria from people’s poorly washed hands (most people don’t wash their hands correctly) into the air and onto nearby surfaces in disturbing quantities, increasing the likelihood that you’ll walk out of the bathroom covered in other people’s germs.

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A certain scorpion, wanting to cross a river was scuttling about on the bank, looking for a means of getting to the other side. Seeing his problem, a tortoise offered to carry him across.
The scorpion thanked the tortoise, and climbed on his back. As soon as the tortoise had finished his swim and unloaded the scorpion, the scorpion gave him a really powerful sting.
‘How can you do such a thing to me?’ cried the tortoise. ‘My nature is to be helpful, and I have used it to help you. Now I get stung!’
‘My friend,’ said the scorpion, ‘your nature is to be helpful, and you were. Mine is to sting, and I have. Why, therefore, do you seek to transform your nature into virtue and mine into villainy?’

The Commanding Self
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