Exercise is more critical than diet to maintain weight loss







“Our findings suggest that this group of successful weight-loss maintainers are consuming a similar number of calories per day as individuals with overweight and obesity but appear to avoid weight regain by compensating for this with high levels of physical activity,” said Victoria A. Catenacci, MD, a weight management physician and researcher at CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

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Morning Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure






Wheeler’s group evaluated 67 sedentary participants with an average body mass index of 31.2 kg/m2and a mean age of 67.

Participants were assigned to each of the following in random order:

  • Exercise and breaks: sitting for 1 hour, moderate-intensity walking for 30 minutes, and then sitting interrupted every 30 minutes with 3 minutes of light-paced walking for 6.5 hours.
  • Uninterrupted sitting for 8 hours
  • Exercise and sitting: sitting for 1 hour, moderate walking for 30 minutes, and then uninterrupted sitting for 6.5 hours

The main limitation was lack of a group that only took breaks in sitting without more extensive exercise, Wheeler said.

“This was intentional, because we considered the evidence that an acute 30-minute bout of exercise impacts BP responses to be strong, and there are a number of studies that support the BP-lowering effect of active breaks compAdding a few minutes of walking throughout the day also helps, trial shows.

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Want healthier eating habits? Start with a workout

Researchers have found that formerly sedentary young adults who were instructed to exercise regularly for several weeks started choosing healthier foods without being asked to.


In the latest evidence that it’s worth sticking to your health-focused New Year’s resolutions, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have found that exercising regularly is linked to better eating habits.


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Do you wear makeup to the gym? Stop immediately!


Do you wear makeup to the gym? Dermatologist reveals what REALLY happens when you wear cosmetics while exercising – and why you should stop immediately

  • Makeup the gym causes pimples and irritation due to trapped follicles
  • Dr Natasha Cook revealed to FEMAIL the extent of the damage it can do
  • She also shared some tips on how to keep your skin healthy if you do.


While most women prefer to work out fresh-faced, those who don’t are often unaware of the very real consequences makeup can have on their skin.

Combined with sweat and open pores, cosmetics can wreak havoc on the complexion and cause acne, inflammation and even nasty infections.

Australian dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook agreed that it isn’t ideal to wear full-coverage makeup while exercising as skin needs to be able to breathe.

‘It’s not a deal breaker and if you look after your skin post-workout you will be okay,’ she told Daily Mail Australia, adding that a light CC cream is the best option for coverage.

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