Advertencia urgente para las personas con teléfonos celulares: ¡nunca coloque su teléfono aquí!







Si cree que aún no existe la certeza acerca del peligro que los teléfonos celulares pueden tener en su salud, entonces puede que usted quiera tomar el tiempo de escuchar este video de la Sociedad de Salud Ambiental  ( La Dr. Devra Davis, autos de “Desconéctese – la verdad acerca de la radiación de los teléfonos celulares” ha estado investigando los riesgos de seguridad de la radiación emitida por su teléfono celular.

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It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Your gift will help save the orangutan

These images are the heart-breaking reality of the impact of habitat loss.










Illegal encroachers are a massive threat to the future of the orangutan. Please help us stop them before it’s too late.

Last year we asked you to help us secure vital orangutan habitat – and you did! Together we protected an extra 93,900 acres of rainforest in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem, creating a critically important sanctuary for the 170 released orangutans who call it home. Thank you!   

But whilst we’ve taken a massive step forward, we are still far short of the 445,000 acres and 2,000 wild orangutans we need under our permanent protection if we are to secure this gentle species from extinction.

And we are still battling day and night with illegal land encroachers, who surround our buffer zone and will not stop while there’s jungle left to plunder.

But we’re not stopping either.

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Most Americans Suffer From Nature Deficiency Syndrome

Spending time outdoors can significantly lift your mood, so it’s no surprise that outdoors activities such as gardening and nature hikes1 have been found to be good therapy. In one survey,2 80 percent of gardeners reported being “happy” and satisfied with their lives, compared to 67 percent of non-gardeners, and the more time spent in the garden, the greater their life satisfaction.

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