I Went To An Underwater Cycling Class. Here’s Why It’s About To Be Your New Favorite Workout







Generally speaking, I’m the type of person who likes a hardcore workout that leaves me dripping in sweat. We’re talking things like CrossFit, high intensity interval training (HIIT), or boot camp-style group fitness classes. But after a trainer recently told me I should try slowing things down a bit and work on improving balance, mobility, and flexibility, I decided it was time to consider branching out. And that’s when I came across aqua cycling. (It’s just one of the super fun pool workouts that aren’t swimming.)

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The Scientific Reason You Don’t Like LED Bulbs; and the Simple Way to Fix Them

There’s a handy trick for reading station signs that otherwise fly past in a blur as you travel in a high-speed train. Look at one side of the window and then immediately at the other side of the window. When you change your gaze, your eyes will automatically make a rapid jerking movement, known as a saccade. If the direction of the saccade is the same as that of the train, your eyes will freeze the image for a split second, long enough to read the station name if you time things right.

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Stop looking for the latest superfood and eat a chili pepper

A hot lesson in nutritional studies.

“Tears in Eyes” is a Sichuan dish of soft rice noodles covered in a spicy sauce made of dried, fresh, and pickled chili peppers, chili oil, and, of course, the iconic Sichuan peppercorn. It more than lives up to its name. The dish’s capsaicin content (capsaicin is what gives chilis their bite) is so intense that as tears stream down your face, you start to believe that you’re doing irreversible damage to your tongue.

It is also delicious. But could Tears in Eyes actually be healthy?

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Metade dos átomos do seu corpo veio de outras galáxias

Poeira de galáxias

Sabendo que todos os átomos mais pesados -do hélio para cima na tabela periódica– são criados nas estrelas, costuma-se dizer que todos nós somos seres feitos de “poeira de estrelas”.

Mas parece que nossos elementos constituintes -e de tudo o mais que conhecemos, inclusive da Terra- não vieram apenas de vizinhanças mais próximas.

Na verdade, parece que pelo menos metade dos nossos corpos são “poeira de galaxias” -de outras galáxias, que não a nossa aconchegante Via Láctea.

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