Your Emotional Brain is Smarter Than Your Brain Thinks


Emotion is not the enemy of reason




Decisions drive our daily activities.

The need to decide is never-ending. You make decisions even when you unconsciously think you are choosing not to decide.

And we don’t always choose the most rational option.

Everyone processes information with both the rational and emotional parts of the brain. Here is an example that sounds familiar.

Your rational brain knows that certain habits like smoking, and skipping even minimal exercise are bad for your health, the emotional part of your brain sometimes overcome this knowledge, justifies and even rationalise these bad behaviours, and convince you to keep doing everything wrong for your health.

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1 Simple Brain Trick That Can Help You Overcome Self Doubt Forever


Studies show that self-talk has a huge impact on your experiences. You just need to change a few words.

“I’m too busy to reach inbox zero.”
“Sorry, but I’m terrible at remembering names.”
“I’ll never be great at presentations.”



Have you ever heard something like this from the voice in your head? Or actually said it out loud to someone? Chances are, you probably have. You may have even gotten the advice to simply accept the things you are bad at and move on.

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SaunaSpace: Detoxification With Near-Infrared Light: A Special Interview With Brian Richards

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

JM = Dr. Joseph Mercola BR = Brian Richards

JM: Welcome, everyone. This is Dr. Mercola helping you take control of your health. I am veryexcited today that we’re going to be discussing an issue that is near and dear to my heart. That is not infrared, but near-infrared sauna detoxification. Because I am of the belief, as are many other experts in detoxification, that it is an essential, integral component of that. But not only for detox, but so many other biological benefits.

Today, we are joined by Brian Richards, who is also equally passionate about this modality. Hedoesn’t really have any formal health training, but has provided a resource that I think many could benefit from. Welcome and thank you for joining us today, Brian.

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To further support detoxification during your fast, I recommend using a near-infrared sauna, which will help eliminate toxins through your sweat. An entire chapter of KetoFast is dedicated to the use of sauna, with specific do’s and don’ts.

For more details on the science of near-infrared saunas, see “How to Achieve Superior Detoxification and Health Benefits With Near-Infrared Light,” which features my interview with Brian Richards, founder of SaunaSpace. A near-infrared sauna with low electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can cost several thousand dollars. However, you can make one inexpensively yourself.

Aside from the fact that near-infrared bulbs heat you up more effectively than far-infrared saunas do, near-infrared light (660 and 850 nanometers) also stimulates nitric oxide release and ATP production. I do a 30-minute sauna just about every day that I’m home, followed by cryotherapy (cold thermogenesis) — essentially, I just jump directly into my unheated pool. An alternative would simply to rinse off in a cold shower. If you’re brave, you could do an ice bath.

Supporting Your Fasting Protocol With Sauna Bathing

Britânica sofre derrame e fica com paralisia após estalar o pescoço

Na noite de 4 de março, a paramédica Natalie Kunicki, de 23 anos, estava assistindo a um filme na cama com uma amiga. Ela esticou o pescoço e ouviu um estalo alto, mas não se preocupou porque suas articulações frequentemente estalavam. Contudo, quando a jovem tentou ir ao banheiro cerca de 15 minutos depois, ela não conseguia mover a perna esquerda.

Segundo o site de notícias britânico Unilad, a jovem foi levada às pressas para o Hospital Universitário de Londres, no início do dia 5 de março. Os médicos descobriram que o estalar do pescoço havia rompido uma artéria vertebral. Isso criou um coágulo de sangue que provocou um derrame, causando paralisia no lado esquerdo do corpo de Kunicki.

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Meditation May Make Your Anxiety Worse—Here’s Why

After my husband ended our marriage over the telephone, I signed up for a 10-day silent meditation retreat. I’d been told that practicing this type of meditation, called vipassana, would result in limitless love, compassion, and goodwill. I wanted those things so desperately, I was willing to lie to get in.

Ten days of meditating for nine hours a day without distraction is an objectively grueling journey. But I’d tried therapy, yoga, and sex already, and my heart was still broken. So I didn’t mention my past—and besides, I didn’t think my history applied.

Years before, I had abused alcohol and drugs, but by the time I signed up for the retreat, I hadn’t touched either in a decade. I had tried Paxil and therapy in the years since, but I hadn’t experienced anything like what I went through when I was using. Nonetheless, I vowed to be vigilant: If I stopped sleeping well or experienced racing thoughts, I’d leave. It never occurred to me that the practice itself might cause problems.

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