Não faltam oportunidades na Feira do Empreendedor para quem está pensando em abrir um negócio no ramo de alimentação. Entre os mais de 400 expositores do evento, estão disponíveis para os visitantes diversas opções de maquinários. Sem ultrapassar os R$ 30 mil, os artigos vão desde pipoqueiras e sorveteiras até produtos especializados na produção de brigadeiros – tudo isso podendo ser operado de casa.

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Para Bill Gates, empresários não devem tirar férias ou folgas de fins de semana no começo de um negócio






No início da Microsoft, Bill Gates trabalhava aos finais de semana e nunca tirava férias. Em entrevista, o empresário, e segunda pessoa mais rica do mundo, com um patrimônio de US$ 107 bilhões, disse que esse é um sacrifício que vale a pena ser feito no início de uma empresa. “É verdade o que dizem. Eu nunca acreditei em fins de semana ou em férias”, afirmou Gates durante um encontro entre líderes empresariais na última semana.

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Beets May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease






By Dr. Mercola

Beets have been shown to fight inflammation, lower blood pressure1,2 and aid detoxification. Studies also suggest they can help lower your risk for heart failure and stroke, and provide powerful benefits for your brain, largely due to their high nitrate content. Your body transforms nitrates into nitric oxide,3which enhances oxygenation and has beneficial impacts on your circulatory and immune systems.

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Your Emotional Brain is Smarter Than Your Brain Thinks


Emotion is not the enemy of reason




Decisions drive our daily activities.

The need to decide is never-ending. You make decisions even when you unconsciously think you are choosing not to decide.

And we don’t always choose the most rational option.

Everyone processes information with both the rational and emotional parts of the brain. Here is an example that sounds familiar.

Your rational brain knows that certain habits like smoking, and skipping even minimal exercise are bad for your health, the emotional part of your brain sometimes overcome this knowledge, justifies and even rationalise these bad behaviours, and convince you to keep doing everything wrong for your health.

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1 Simple Brain Trick That Can Help You Overcome Self Doubt Forever


Studies show that self-talk has a huge impact on your experiences. You just need to change a few words.

“I’m too busy to reach inbox zero.”
“Sorry, but I’m terrible at remembering names.”
“I’ll never be great at presentations.”



Have you ever heard something like this from the voice in your head? Or actually said it out loud to someone? Chances are, you probably have. You may have even gotten the advice to simply accept the things you are bad at and move on.

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SaunaSpace: Detoxification With Near-Infrared Light: A Special Interview With Brian Richards

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

JM = Dr. Joseph Mercola BR = Brian Richards

JM: Welcome, everyone. This is Dr. Mercola helping you take control of your health. I am veryexcited today that we’re going to be discussing an issue that is near and dear to my heart. That is not infrared, but near-infrared sauna detoxification. Because I am of the belief, as are many other experts in detoxification, that it is an essential, integral component of that. But not only for detox, but so many other biological benefits.

Today, we are joined by Brian Richards, who is also equally passionate about this modality. Hedoesn’t really have any formal health training, but has provided a resource that I think many could benefit from. Welcome and thank you for joining us today, Brian.

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