DHA – The Essential Fatty Acid that Helps with Pregnancy, Brain Health, Nervous System & more

During pregnancy, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and inundated with information and well-intentioned advice. When working with nutrition clients who are trying to conceive or navigating that first-trimester emotional roller coaster, I help them to stay calm and cut through the mixed messages and those anecdotal (and often unhelpful) tips that come from a good place but can be frustrating.

What is DHA?

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4 dicas para conviver com quem tem borderline






Por Dr Ivan Mario Braun

O transtorno de personalidade borderline (TBP) se caracteriza por um padrão de instabilidade generalizada nas relações interpessoais, na auto-imagem e na afetividade da pessoa e uma acentuada impulsividade. Para que, em psiquiatria, alguém seja diagnosticado com este transtorno, requer-se a presença de uma série de comportamentos; pelos critérios da Associação Psiquiátrica Americana, pelo menos cinco dos seguintes (1):

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How Fasting Regenerates your Pancreas

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Fasting is a powerful tool nearly anyone can use to take control of their health. Animal research indicates a fasting-mimicking diet not only can help your pancreas regenerate itself, but it can also reverse diabetes symptoms. In another study, also involving lab mice, restricting daily calories to a six-hour window significantly reduced levels of a particular mutant protein known to play a role in Huntington’s disease.

Given the results, as well as other research, the tremendous benefits of fasting continue to emerge. If you haven’t yet considered how fasting can make a positive difference to your health, I encourage you to keep reading and also consider one of three methods: the fasting-mimicking diet, intermittent fasting or water-only fasting. Fasting is one of the best tools you can use in the fight against chronic disease.

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Nossa Dívida com Idries Shah






(1897-1986), que viveu por trinta e seis anos no Oriente Médio, foi o fundador da Legião Árabe e o autor de numerosas e bem conhecidas histórias da região. Ele ficou gravemente ferido na Primeira Guerra Mundial e passou a servir no Iraque e na Jordânia com tropas treinadas pelo deserto que acabariam por formar o exército jordano. Um soldado com interesse em religião e psicologia, ele era conhecido como um homem modesto que nunca perdeu a paciência com subordinados.

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How to Be an Artist, According to Georgia O’Keeffe


“The notion that you can make an artist overnight, that there is nothing but genius, and a dash of temperament in artistic success is a fallacy,” artist Georgia O’Keeffe asserted when she was 40 years old in 1928. The year before, she’d been given her first retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum -an indisputable marker of success. But O’Keeffe, who would live to the age of 98, wasn’t done developing as an artist -or contemplating what it meant to be one.

“Great artists don’t just happen, any more than writers, or singers, or other creators,” she continued. “They have to be trained, and in the hard school of experience.”

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13 ways one type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug we have

Want an all-natural way to lift your mood, improve your memory, and protect your brain against the decline that comes with aging? Get moving.

Exercises that get your heart pumping and sweat flowing – kwnon as aerobic exercise, or “cardio”- have significant and beneficial effects on the brain and body, according to a wealth of recent research, including a new study published Thursday.

“Aerobic exercise is key for your head, just as it is for your heart,” according to an article in a Harvard Medical School blog.

Here are some of the ways cardio is such a boon for our bodies.

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