Laughter is the Best Medicine for Brain Surgery






Neuroscientists at Emory University School of Medicine have discovered a focal pathway in the brain that when electrically stimulated causes immediate laughter, followed by a sense of calm and happiness, even during awake brain surgery. The effects of stimulation were observed in an epilepsy patient undergoing diagnostic monitoring for seizure diagnosis. These effects were then harnessed to help her complete a separate awake brain surgery two days later.

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The Danger in Fake Positivity and Spiritual Bypassing

Today’s spiritual (and sometimes psychology) world feels fake to me. Lots of pretty blond yogis talking about positive vibes, about not allowing negative energy or thoughts to get to you, about surrounding yourself with only supportive positive people.

Unless you live in a bubble on Mars, this is not only not realistic, but this is also a recipe for staying emotionally and psychically dwarfed, never growing or truly learning who you are.

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Por el Dr. Mercola

Una de cada 20 personas de más de 12 años de edad, que viven en los Estados Unidos lucha contra la depresión1 y el 11% de la población de los Estados Unidos de más de 12 años de edad toma algún medicamento antidepresivo.2 Esto a pesar de que cada vez es más la evidencia que demuestra que los antidepresivos no son mejores que el placebo en términos de eficacia.

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Suplementos Probados como Beneficiosos para la Depresión